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Continental Guard Quest


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~Continental Guard Quest~

Hey. With the new updates that our glorious Admin, Everade, gave us. It opens up some new quests!

Such as..


(To kill Satan Morroc)
Disclaimer: The quest Satan Morroc does not drop items.


Step 1: Warp to Morroc 174 103, as depicted here on this picture~

And then ask to volunteer.



Step 2: Warp to Morocc 160 110, or just walk up. As depicted here as well.



Step 3: Keep saying you want to help. (Yes! Annoy that man to no end! NPCs don't have feelings!..Or do they?) Until he finally relents and tells you to go get 30 Live Coals

Live Coals may be found from Fire Imps (thor_v01) or Blazers (mag_dun01). @alootid Live Coal


Step 4: Come back and give the Live Coals to him. He then asks for 50 Glacial Hearts.

Go get to ice_dun03 and kill everything there with @alootid ice heart on.


Step 5: Come back AGAIN and talk to him. He lets you into the Continental Guards with a spiffy little certificate. As shown again in this picture:



Step 6: Warp to moc_fild20 38 174. Now this part is very very important. Make a party with 2 or more people doing this quest that are at this step. It'll be beneficial to you and the party. Now talk to the NPC shown in the bottom picture and choose to explore.



Step 7: Warp to moc_fild21 171 227 and talk to the sparkly lights shown in the picture. Make sure to do this when your entire party is gathered.



Step 8: Oh my. Satan Morroc spawns! And does he look pissed.



Step 9: Keep smacking at him. With 20,000,000 hp, this guy is no joke.



Step 10: Congratz! You killed him! Now get the skin from the sparkly lights!



Step 11: Warp back to that nice knight and get your reward!


Rewards: 1 of 3 Accessories, and 2,000,000 EXP.

Sorry! There is no coupon point!

All of those accessories have a slot.


Hope you guys enjoyed my guide! Now go show Satan Morroc who his daddy is.


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Pink Aya said:
Does this quest have a 12 hour downtime or something? The guards and cluster of evil never seem to respond to me correctly. And yeah, I have two people.

This is Because. :rolleyes:

Dear GM Sir Forgot To Mention After Killing Satan Morroc.

It Appears as Wounded Satan Morroc in moc_fild22 with his Minions. <_<

I had Tough Time to kill it.

As i Was Sacri and Tping at nearest place.

He Would Take Tp.

The Only Way to take Him Down is Just go and charge sacri with berries. B)

I took more Then 50 Berries to Tangle With it.

But only 35 berries got used.

As Wounded Morroc hp in This Server is 150m. :D

And i m Unable to do the Quest.

May be There is Some Time Restrictions about 12 hrs. :)

The Screenies. ;)


Oh yeah forgot to Mention That.

It Does Give Drops. :)

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he for got to say this

Note: Once you have defeated Satan Morroc and obtained the Skin of Morroc item, you will be unable to reenter the quest map. that means if you killed him with your pally, you need another char for another fight... and also add this to your guide.

Satan Morroc functions by using combos. At specific times he will make an announcement, which is the start of a skill combo. He always speaks when casting the first skill of the combo, and the combos are all the same order of skills cast. These combos are as follows:

80% HP - Magic Combo

Recharge Time: 20 seconds

Announcement: "Impressive! I wonder how far your recklessness will take you."

Skills: Stone Curse 10, Firebolt 10, Frost Diver 10, Jupitel Thunder 10

60% HP - Hell Combo

Recharge Time: 35 seconds

Announcement: "I almost pity how outmatched you are against me."

Skills: Area Sleep 5, Hell's Power 1, Hell's Judgement 5

50% HP - Vampire Combo

Recharge Time: 50 seconds

Announcement: "It's time to finish the game!"

Skills: Vampire's Gift 9, Area Soul Drain 10, Evil Land 10

40% HP - Mixed Combo

Recharge Time: 1 Minute

Announcement: "This is how you attack? Watch and learn, weaklings!"

Skills: Pulse Strike 5, Area Stone Curse 5, Meteor Storm 5

30% HP - Earthquake Combo

Recharge Time: 3 Minutes

Announcement: "You worthless humans. Your so-called holy powers have no effect on me!"

Skills: Area Hell's Power 1, Area Stun 5, Earthquake 10

10% HP

Announcement: "Oh, you're stronger than I thought!"

Skills: None

5% HP

Announcement: "No, this can't be happening! I'm Satan Morroc, Demon King of Destruction!"

Skills: Dragon Fear 10

source:iRO wiki

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