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Brazil Flag

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¤ How to obtain the Brazil Flag ¤

Item Requirements:



Where to farm:

1059.gif Fabric ~ Wraith ~ @warp gl_chyard ~ @aloot item 1059

7166.gif Soft Silk ~ Wicked Nymph ~ @warp gon_dun03 ~ @aloot item 7166

7213.gif Needle Packet ~ Hylozoist ~ @warp niflheim / @warp nif_fild01 ~ @aloot item 7213

7038.gif Yarn ~ Zhu Po Long ~ @warp lou_dun03 ~ @aloot item 7038

979.gif978.gif976.gif Dyestuffs ~ http://www.gathering...=dyestuff+quest


The NPC's...

1. Meet Francisco @warp althea 194 222 and type Brazil



2. Meet Weaver @warp hugel 92 230



After bringing the required items to Weaver you will get the Brazil Flag, and then bring it back to Francisco and choose 5 kinds of Headgear's.


Note: If you want the headgear that will speed up your walk, choose the 5308.gifBrazil National Flag Hat.

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