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<GM> Yohan presents: The Filirpyad!!


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Disclaimer: I just pulled this story out of my head and it is in no way related to <GM> Everade.


What the image says:

Gather around my children, and I will tell you a story.

Three years ago, the four prophets of old were gathered around, communing with one another, when the Filir God descended upon them.

(Actually. They were just crack heads. And it was just a normal Filir.)

And so the four prophets decided to hold a competition, to see who was the strongest, and best suited to serve the Filir God.

And so the Filirpyad was born.

(It was just a tavern brawl)

Countless people joined in to see if they too, were worthy to serve the great Filir God.

(Innocents were sucked in to the fight.)

And as the fight subsided, the four prophets came out on top and with murder in their eyes, they proceeded to end the duel.

The great prophet, Everade was the victor, and stepped forward to receive the honor.

And thus the religion, Filirianity was born.

(Although it lasted only two weeks.)

And so every year. The Filirpyad is held. And many flock to the event, hoping to gain the blessing of the Filir God, and perhaps, the blessing of Everade.

(And to get drunk and high.)

As with tradition, four events are held at first, to determine the four champions.

The four champions gain the honor of the Filir God, but the true honor is held after the fourth event. The Great Duel, the fifth and final event. In honor of the fight between the four prophets. The winner of this will then receive the blessing of Everade.

(And a hefty sum of money.)

~~*The Event*~~

Four events will be held at first to determine the "four champions."

Then a pvp event(There will be no restrictions within the PvP event) will be held, between the "four champions."

And among the four champions, one will arise to receive "Everade's Blessing."


Registration - Send a mail containing 15million zeny to <GM> Yohan, enclosing the character you wish to participate with, by April, 10 2009 Server Time 23:59:00.

Be sure to be on after the April, 11 2009 WoE 1.0. As there are NO REFUNDS, if you are not there.

To the Four Champions:

They will each receive a Hopping Filir [1].

The one to receive Everade's Blessing will also recieve the prize money (combined registration fee) and a Everade's Surprise Box.

Good luck. And hope to see your there!

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To awnser your question about why hopping filir?

Because gm's are only allowed to do one event where they give out their event box prize.

This would count as everade's one box i think.. as for the hopping filir.

Yohan made them himself legitly i believe.. so they're prizes coming out of his own pocket.

It could just be the final winner getting the everade's box.. at least this way there are 4 winners

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