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Izlude Monster Taming Quest Guide


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Edit 14/04/2012,Fixed this guide a bit c:

Monster taming item's (Izlude)

The taming items you can create with this quest are;

Book of Devil (Deviruchi)

No Recipient (Munak)

Orc Trophy (Orc)

*This quest does not give Coupon Points*


To start warp to the Npc in Izlude

@warp izlude_in 57 103


After that talk to him and choose whichever taming item you would like to make.

Like I said above, there are 3 taming items you can create.



For Deviruchi choose Book of Devil

→ Needed,

1x Old Magicbook (Dropped by; Rideword → @warp c_tower1 )

2x Horrendous Mouth (Dropped by; Flame Skull → @warp abbey03 )


•For Munak choose No Recipient

→ Needed,

1x Old Portrait (Dropped by; Bongun → @warp pay_dun02)


•For Orc choose Orc trophy

→ Needed,

1x Chivalry Emblem (Dropped by; Raydric → @warp gl_knt01 )

1x Scorpion Tail (Dropped by; Scorpion → @warp moc_fild20 )


Thanks for reading. ♥

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