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Hair Ornament Girl (Comodo)


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Edit; Added pics etc..

•Hair Ornament Girl (Comodo)•

The headgears you can make with this quest are;

•Cross Hat

•Bulb Band

•Stripe Hairband

•Blue Hairband


To start warp to the Npc which is located at

@warp comodo 227 159 .

Talk to her and she'll give you a list of the headgears.



Cross Hat


1x Rosary (dropped by; Nightmare Terror→ @warp mag_dun02 )

500x Destroyed Armor (dropped by; Tamruan→ @warp ayo_dun02 )

*Rosary can also be bought at the Prontera Church.


Bulb Band

1x Slotted Circlet (dropped by; Isis→ @warp moc_pryd04 )

20x Glass Bead (dropped by; Sea Otter→ @warp cmd_fild04 )

*Glass Bead can also be bought from a Gift Merchant in Prontera.

@warp prontera 106 87


Stripe Hairband

1500x Worn-out Prison Uniform (dropped by; Zombie Prisoner→ @warp gl_prison )


Blue Hairband

1x Bandana (dropped by; Pirate Skeleton→ @warp treasure01 )

1x Cobaltblue Dyestuff ( Dyestuff quest or buy at Market )

300x Anolian Skin (dropped by; Anolian→ @warp gl_sew04 )

*Bandana can also be bought at Payon's armor shop.


Thanks for reading♥

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