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The Mafia Game


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Its the Mafia event!

Every Wednesday, I will lead an event called the Mafia game!

Prizes will vary from each event.

Every event I will ask for 5 million zeny, if you are unable to pay the zeny you will not be allowed to participate. I will receive your payments right BEFORE the game starts.

The total amount of the fee will be distributed among the winners.

Example: 30 people join 30 x 5m = 150m

5 people survive and all the Mafia dies. Those 5 people will get 30 million zeny each.

Some times I will also give out item prizes, depending on how many people participate. (The less people winning the better the prize.)


This is how Mafia is played.

First there is the Mafia. Their goal is to kill the towns people.

Then there is the Police. Their goal is to find the Mafia.

Third is the doctor. His/Her goal is to save his/her or other people's lives.

Fourth is the optional character - the Bread Maker. He has no role. Except...he makes food. If he dies then the town will have 3 rounds to find the mafia, before they all die of starvation.

Everyone else will be the Towns people.

The positions will be given to the people I choose with the whisper function. The choices will be completely random. Anyone that I do not choose for a position will be a towns person.

A round will comprise of a day and a night.

During the day the towns people will discuss and vote to who the Mafia is. The voted person will then be executed.

Night is the most important part of the round.

At Night I will whisper the Mafia members to discuss who to kill. At that point, the Mafia will whisper me the name of the ONE person of who they want to kill.

Next I will whisper the Police. The Police will then discuss who to suspect and whisper me the name. Then I will either say yes or no. If I say yes. The person they suspect is a Mafia. If I say no, he/she is not.

Then I will whisper the Doctor. The Doctor can either save himself or someone else. The person that he saves will survive the Night.

The game ends when,

1. There is no more Mafia remaining in the game, and anyone who is not a Mafia wins.

2. There is an equal amount of players (or less amount of players) to the Mafia, and the Mafia wins.

3. The Bread Maker dies and 3 rounds have passed. Then everyone dies. (In most versions the Mafia wins...but that just wouldn't be fair.) Prizes will move on to the next Mafia Game.

To register, please place your forum name and your character name in your post.

It is advised that you keep your position a secret. Otherwise, you might just end up dead.



Participants for March 04, 2009 (8:00 PM EST/-5 GMT)

Zurui - Zurui

Ziezie - Riann

The13th - Cold

Mistu San - Mitsu Priest disqualified (not logged in)

robyI - vish

Johnny Bravo - Milo l The Scorpion

sunshine27 - S h i n e

pritong atobo - pRITONG kANDULE disqualified (not logged in)

Takemoto - NeroBoltster

Jerose - Mr Smiley

Fen Fen ¦3 - Miyuki

Sadistic Memories - Winner

Alan - Mafia member (but died)

Prize Disguise to be a monster of your choice

Next event: March 25, 2009 at 8 PM EST/-5 GMT [02:00:00 AM March 26, 2009 in server time]

Possible Prizes this event: Convex Mirror 5 each Box, some other items probably if I don't have enough.

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