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Lost Child Quest


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Here's a guide to complete the Lost Child Quest. Next time, I hope they hire a babysitter.

So, you have to be level 60 or over but this is High Rate so whatever.

First, you got to go visit Vincent in Rachel. (ra_in01 385 246)


He'll ask you to get some gem back and find a lost kid.

Then get out of the building and find Logan. The lazy option would be to warp at (rachel 113 232)


He'll start to talk about Phobe then tell you to go see Mr.Manson for the details.

Now, you have to get back in the house to talk to Manson. (ra_in01 373 200)


That guy won't tell you much more than Logan, sadly. He will send you to go talk to Jenny.

Jenny is hiding outside in the garden. (rachel 48 236)


The shy girl will mention the market too. Yet, this time, you can go and look for clues.

Next, the market. There's two Idle Merchants in there. Since RO loves us, you have to go talk to the useless one first. He doesn't have any kind of precious info and sells odd food. You can find him at (rachel 137 73)


Now, the last Idle Merchant. (rachel 121 47)


This time, you get a nice clue.. kind of. Someone left him a message and you got to go check up the Ice Caves.

You don't have to go IN the Ice Caves. Just near the entrance, there's the NPC we're looking for. (ra_fild01 244 325)


That Suspicious Man will try to kill you. Afterward, you'll learn that Vincent's been setting up something odd.

Time to go see Vincent again to request some information. Scroll up for the coords kkthx.

Vincent will tell you why he hired the guy from earlier and he'll tell a bit more about him, Phobe, Jenny, and the Jewel.

Now, you get to see what Phobe looks like! (rachel 264 32)


The kid will give you the jewel but he won't go back home.

Give another visit to Vincent and give him the jewel.

After this, he'll ask you to go tell Jenny about Phobe.

Go see Jenny and she'll thank you and give you her thoughts about Phobe.

Almost done! Go see Vincent one last time.

He'll give you and Old Purple Box and ask you to deliver something to High Priest Zhed.

You can find the old priest in Rachel's Temple. (ra_temin 277 160)


Zhed will read the letter and give you 900k exp. I don't think you need it though.

And voilà! The quest is over. Also, you can now do the Rachel Sanctuary Quest.

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