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Sale Banner Quest Guide


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Sale Banner Quest Guide

 Sale Banner's Description:


A banner which has the word 'Sale' written on the surface. Seems to be useful for opening vending shops.

STR+1, AGI+1, LUK+1

Applicable for every job (Required level 75)

°° Talk to Yakima (gonryun 186 138) and see the Headgears option:




- 1 Scarlet Dyestuff


- 1 Orange Dyestuff


- 2 Stop Posts - from Greatest General 1% Drop Rate


 Location: pay_fild10 @alootid 2272 (@autoloot 1 may work because of its drop rate)


- 3 Clown Noses - from Lunatic 4% Drop Rate

Location: prt_fild01 @alootid 2262


- 180 Fig Leaves - from Leaf Cat 100% Drop Rate

Location: ayo_dun01/ ayo_fild02 (I suggest the map in the fild) @alootid 7298 (They drop Lemons too :wub:)


- 20 Solid Peaches - from Enchanted Peach Tree 100% Drop Rate

Location: gon_dun01 @alootid 7164 (P.S. Dead Branches :wub:)


°° Done! Then go back to Yakima (gonryun 186 138) and get your Sale Banner! 




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