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Event Days (15th January and 16th January)


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Note : The prizes on the 16th january will be doubled.

Tomorrow(the 15th January)and on the 16th January, we will hold 2 events which includes 1x GM box.

The 1st event will always start with Item search.

The first 20 people who give the items to the GM can join the other 2 events to be the last winner and get the GM box.

Those who tried may get to be disguised too, BUT YOU'VE TO GIVE ME THE ITEMS.

You have 10minutes after the 20players are chosen, to give me the items to get disguised or else you get nothing.

The 2nd event can be any chosen event to divide the winners in half.[Hide&Seek,randomPVP or just be left out] (10 winners left)

The 3rd event is always dice event. The winner of this event will then get a GM box or 2(on the 16th).(1winner)

And on the 16th January there will be another 2 events.

15:00 Servertime (3pm) (ENDED)

2x GM Box

Finalists = disguise (once)

Only by ME and no other GM

19:00 Servertime (7pm)(ENDED)

2x GM Box

20 players disguise(disguise twice) Only by ME and no other GM

Those who tried(disguse once)

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