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GatheringRo's Soccer Championship


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GatheringRo's Soccer Championship

Welcome players of GatheringRo, on the 7th December(sunday) at 15:00(servertime) we will hold the Soccer Championship.

A teamgame, which requires endurance, teamwork, fun and the will to win.

The goal to this game is to score by kicking the ball into the enemies goalwards.

The team with the highest score or the team who scores 10 points first, wins.

Soccer was known for it's teamwork and tactic, now it's your time to share your talent with your friends, to win this game.

!!!Lead your team to Championship!!! poring.gif

Prizes :

1x Silmeria's Box

2x Event suprise box

Rules :

- You have to be a "Novice" (any level is ok)

- No Supernovices

- Numbers of players: 5 (has to be 5, not more or less)

- 1x Goalkeeper (Goalkeepers are not allowed to move out of the area)

- 4x On the field

NOTE : The event has been postponed to the 7th december.


Leader's name:

The Winners:

Lets kick some balls

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Is there any chance that the event be moved on a Saturday like the last PVP tourney? Saturday is like the busiest day in GatheringRO hence many players, and for some Sundays are reserved for other things. Just a suggestion/question though, feel free to scrap it.

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