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Airship Captain Quest

Swift Assassin

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Item Requirements:

2x Will of the darkness (Gremlin, ra_san02)

2x Prockly Fruit (Beholder, ra_san02)

1,200 Zenny


1.) Warp to "izlude 199 74" and talk to the lady



2.) Kill the spawned monsters once you've entered.


3.) Once you've killed them all, warp to "airplane_01 236 152"


4.) Talk to the Airship Captain and choose "how does this airship fly?"



Repeat this twice to be able to continue.


5.) Then choose "Yes, I really want to know!"


6.) Then choose "Sure"


7.) After getting the letter warp to "airplane 238 162"



8.) Talk to Ferlock and chose "Give him Tarlock's Letter."


9.) He would ask for the items "Here are the items i've found"

     And you will receive Ferlock's Letter.


10.) Now go back to "airplane_01 236 152"


11.) Talk to Tarlock, "I handed the letter to Captain Ferlock"


12.) Talk to Tarlock again "Are you finished reading the letter?"


13.) Talk to tarlock again "Already finished reading?"


TADA!! finished!! You just got a quest point!!

Keep rockin' \m/, :lol:

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