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Troubleshooting Client




We're here to help you /no1

~First and foremost we need to approve if GatheringRO has been correctly installed on your Computer Entertainment System.
And if your computer requirements are all met, so it can properly run the game.

    System Requirements

Before you start trying to fix something that can't be fixed, make sure to visit the download page and check all the minimum requirements.
It is crucial that your system meets all the mininum specification.


    Mac & Linux OS

Please note that Ragnarok Online is designed for Windows Operating Systems, and thus is not fully supported on OSx and Linux Operating Systems. You may have some luck running GatheringRO on a Windows emulator, such as WineBottler, WinE or Boot Camp to load the game. Accordingly, GatheringRO may not function properly on a Mac or Linux-based computer.


    Installation Guide

  • [Download] the latest, official GatheringRO-Client. Please refrain to use any old client installer.
  • Make sure to install the game into a new, empty folder.
  • Start the GatheringRO always through the Patcher, to ensure that your client is up to date. (Shortcut can be found in the start menu and on your desktop)


    Why am I keep getting Sprite Errors?

  • Verify that you have installed our latest client installer, and that the game has been installed into an empty folder. [download]
  • Have you started GatheringRO through the patcher, and was the patching process successful?

    If your Patcher isn't working properly, then please checkout the troubleshooting threat which can be found here [link].


    Black Screen, Crazy Colors, Graphic Bug

  • Install the latest Video Card driver from the brand you're using. This is crucial for any game.
  • Update the most common drivers of your motherboard, such as the chipset etc...


    Screenshots are in monochrome and distorted

  • Configure the client to use a display resolution with a width and height that are both multiples of 8.
    The following common pixel lengths are not multiples of 8, and thus cause the issue:

    - 900
    - 1050
    - 1366


    Not able to connect to the Game

  • Being disconnected when trying to login with an existing account.
    Causes for this issue can either be an outdated, modified or wrong installation of GatheringRO. Please note that our anti cheat system can detect modified files and with that block you from being able to play. Download and install our latest game client as described above and don't forget to start the game only through the official patcher. If you're having issues patching, please continue reading this threat [link].
  • Of course, this issue can also be caused due strict firewall settings and/or a missing internet connection. Add GatheringRO into the "Ignore List" of your firewalls, or disable them completly.


    Why isn't GatheringRO starting at all?

  • Verify that you have installed our latest game client, and that the game has been installed into an empty folder. [download]
  • Have you checked the System Requirements at the top?
  • Max resolution the game supports is 2048x1440  or for WQHD 2048 x1152. Make sure your settings are below that or the game won't start.
    Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to make the client use a display resolution higher than that because this is the highest resolution supported by Direct3D 7, which the client uses to render its graphics.
  • GatheringRO can ONLY be started through the Patcher. Starting the Client.exe directly won't work!
  • Click on the "Settings" button which is located at the bottom right corner of the patcher window. (Shortcut for Settings can also be found in the Windows start menu)
    • Make sure that, at the bottom left, the Engine: LUA is selected and not the REG engine. Otherwise your changes will take no effect!


    • Choose the best "Graphics Device" from the dropdown box.
    1. [Graphic Card Name] Direct 3D HAL
    2. [Graphic Card Name] Direct 3D T&L HAL = Your hardware takes over Transfrom & Lighting workload. The best option, but not supported by all graphic devices.

      T&L stands for Transformation & Lighting.
      Instead of the software, your hardware takes over the Transformation & Lighting workload.
      This can help to increase your frame rate. However it is not supported by all graphics cards. So if you're having issues with it, test without T&L.

    • If the graphic device dropdown box is blank (or only showing Direct3D) with no options to be chosen, means likely that you have no video drivers installed, they need an update, or that you need to enable hardware acceleration. Make sure you fix that before continuing in this troubleshooting guide, as it is crucial to run any game properly.
    • In any case, adjust the resolution. Full Screen mode and too high resolutions can cause major issues!
      ※ GatheringRO supports a maximum resolution of up to 2048 x 1440.
      ※ WQHD (2048 x 1152) or higher resolutions can not be supported based on 16: 9 (wide) format.


    • Check your "Sound Mode" settings. If you're missing a sound driver, it is required to set the sound mode to "No Sound", it's usually always a good idea to try this, just in case there's anything wrong with your sound card. If your game runs after selecting No Sound, but does not work while it is active, make sure you check your sound card its health and install its latest official driver. Visit the support page of the PC manufacturer to download the proper drivers. Or the sound card manufacturer if your PC is a custom built.


  • Was the gRO patcher able to patch properly?
    It's possible that your firewall is blocking the patcher. Add GatheringRO into the "Ignore List" of the firewall, or disable it completly. Don't forget that Anti-Virus and Spyware tools can include firewalls to. Please also make sure to start the Patcher as an Administrator. If your Patcher isn't working properly then please checkout the patcher trouble-shooting thread which can be found right here. [Patcher Error Solutions]
    We always report false negative reports to all major anti virus software companies, yet it's possible that you're using a software which we've missed or still has strict settings which may block the patcher connection nevertheless.
    We test our client and patcher system with https://virustotal.com/
  • Is your User Account Control enabled?
    Windows gives you constant pop-up dialogs asking if you approve a software to start or to install.
    This can block the game entirely from beeing started.
    To turn it off go to your User Accounts control panel. Select "Turn User Account Control on or off" at the end of the list. A description of the feature appears with a slider. Slide the slider right to the bottom and press OK.
  • Are the required Redistributable Packages installed?
    Keep in mind that having Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 or newer does not mean you have all the necessary files that are in the 2017 version. So even if you have something that's newer, install these anyway. If the installer claims that you've the current or a newer version installed already, then you're good to go.

    Download and install the following VC++ Redistributable:
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package (x86)



    Known Client Errors

  • The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail.
    Your computer is missing the correct C++ runtime components.
    Installing the Microsoft Redistributable package mentioned above should resolve the issue.
  • The procedure entry point MiniDumpWriteDump could not be located in the dynamic link library - atiumdag.dll
    Some AMD Video Card driver versions have known issues with Ragnarok Online.
    The best solution will be to update your video card driver, or downgrade to an older version.
    After updating, make sure to open the game settings, and select your video card as display option (first drop-down menu).
    If none of the above mentioned solutions work: Players reported that renaming the dbghelp.dll file inside the installation folder fixed the issue.
  • VPU recover has reset your graphics
    This error is hard to pin-point as it can be caused by lots of different things.
    Updating the most common drivers like stated above can possibly fix this issue, and is in any case recommended.
    Mostly it's caused by an overclocked system, such as your ram, cpu etc... In overclocked cases, we recommend to revert all overclock attempts and check if the game runs properly on normal clock speeds.
  • Cannot init d3d OR grf file has problem.
    There are 2 possible causes for this error, either your graphics card or the grf game data files.
    1. Your video card isn't properly set in the settings of RO (open the settings with the patcher and check it), or you need to update your graphics card driver.
    2. The grf directories are damaged and you need to re-install GatheringRO.
  • Exception Type: 0xc0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION)
    The client is being blocked from accessing certain memory data. This usualy means that your Anti Virus software is blocking the game due strict settings. We usualy report false positives to all major Anti Virus software providers.

    In any case, please add the Client.exe and the Patcher.exe which is located in the GatheringRO installation folder, to the Whitelist of the anti virus software used. If you feel bad about this, please report it to us (with the name of the anti virus software used) so we can report it to them.

    To add an exception to Windows OS:
    1. Click Start, click Run (or type Run on Windows 10, then hit enter), type sysdm.cpl, and then click OK.
    2. Navigate to the Advanced tab, click Performance, and then click Settings.
    3. In Performance Options, click the Data Execution Prevention tab, and then click Add.
    4. In the Open dialog box, locate your GRO folder, and then choose Client.exe and Patcher.exe.
    5. Click Open, click Apply, and then click OK.
    Note: You may need to restart your computer for this change to take effect.



    My Issue is not listed here

Please create a report in the Technical Support section of our forums.

To be able to help you, we will need detailed information about your system and installation environment.
If you don't want to share any of these details in public, please create a private support ticket instead.

Please send us your DirectX Diagnosis, so we know what we're dealing with.
Here's how:

  1. Press the "Windows" key and the "R" key on your keyboard to bring up the “Run” box.
  2. In the “Run” box, type in "DxDiag".
  3. Press "Enter". This will start the DxDiag utility.
  4. Once the DirectX Diagnostic Tool appears, click on the "Save All Information" button at the bottom.
  5. When asked where to save the file, click on the drop-down box next to "Save In" and select "Desktop".
  6. In the "File Name" box, the name DxDiag.txt should appear. Leave this as is and click on the "OK" button.
  7. Click the Exit button to exit the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
  8. On the Desktop, there should be a file named "DxDiag" or "DxDiag.txt". If you don't see it, please repeat the steps above and make sure to save the file to the Desktop.
  9. Attach this file to your reply (simple drag & drop into the text box).

We will analyse your provided system information in conjunction with your problem, and do our best to get your problems solved. /ic

If you've discovered a different solution for your issue, let us know so we can update our solution list!


Thank you

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