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Last Update: 04-06-07

  • GatheringRO Anniversary Event
    GatheringRO Anniversary Event Guide
    [Event Duration: February 15, 2007]
    Ring of the Four Lords
    A majestic ring that commemorates the GatheringRO Anniversary. Forged from the four jewels of the Four Lords: Lesbian, Lipton, Argatlahm, and Water.
    Receive 10% more Experience Points from monsters.
    [Event Bonus, will NOT work outside of Event]
    Grants +4 on all stats.
    Class : Accessory
    Defense : 2
    Weight : 10
    Required Level : 20
    Applicable Job :Every Job Except Novice
  • Valentine's Day Event
    Valentine's Day Event Guide
    [Event Duration: February 14, 2007 ~ March 14, 2007]
    Chocolate Drink
    A kind of drink made from chocolate and milk from one of the Royal Court Dessert Specialist's recipes. Although the Dessert Chef wishes for people to drink this treat elegantly, it's usually gulped down, enjoyed with hand sloppily placed on the waist.
    Weight: 15
    Hand-made Chocolate
    A collection of chocolates that are gathered and arranged to make a beautiful item. This is often used in courtship, and sometimes even used effectively.
    Weight: 8
    Hand-made White Chocolate
    White chocolate which is used to propose to a girl by a boy during White Day.
    Weight: 8
  • Chinese New Year Event - Fire Pig Quest (One-time Event only)
    According to legend, in ancient China, nian ("Nyan"), a man-eating beast from the mountains, could infiltrate houses silently to prey on humans. The people later learned that nian was sensitive to loud noises and the color red, so they scared it away with explosions, fireworks and the liberal use of the color red. These customs led to the first New Year celebrations. This February 18, 2007 is the Year of the Fire Pig and the Fire Pig, Spoink has paid us a visit here in GatheringRO bringing us luck for the whole year.
    Any adventurer who's interested on owning a Savage Babe Hat for this one time event is welcome to get theirs from Spoink. He is usually found in the highest places in Louyang city, watching the fireworks from above. You may need to use an elevator to get to him.
    [Event Duration: February 1, 2007 ~ February 28, 2007]
    Savagebabe Hat[1]
    A new born savage with its cute little cheeks.
    Receive 20% less damage from Small size enemies.
    [Event Bonus, will NOT work outside of Event]
    When worn it has a low chance of giving "Red Envelop" item each time a monster is killed.
    Item Class : Head Gear
    Defence Rate : 2
    Equipped On : Upper
    Weight : 5
    Applicable Job : Every Job
    Fire Resist Potion
    A potion that will temporarily increase the user's resistance to the Fire property at the cost of increasing damage from the Water property for the potion's active duration.
    Weight : 1
    Flame Elemental Converter
    Temporarily enchants the user's weapon with the Fire property.
    Weight : 1
  • Christmas Event - Snow Cap Quest (Christmas Season only)
    During Christmas, when it’s cold, appropriate attire is necessary. Every winter season, Kim's Grandma knits her a Snow Cap to keep her warm. The headgear is even filled with so much love of the season that it makes monsters give Santa's Bag. These bags make anyone look like a Santa.
    Any adventurer who's interested on owning a Snow Cap is welcome to get theirs from Kim which is also has your name stitched on it. Kim can be found just outside Santa Clause' office in Lutie.
    [Event Duration: December]
    Snow Cap
    This cap protects you from the cold weather.
    [Event Bonus, will NOT work outside of Event]
    When worn it has a low chance of giving "Santa's Bag" item each time a monster is killed.
    Item Class : Head Gear
    Defence Rate : 2
    Equipped On : Upper
    UpperWeight : 10
    Applicable Job : Every Job
    Christmas Cake
    A christmas cake which is only available during Christmas season.
    When you use it, you can recover a little amount of HP and lvl 3 Magnificat will be cast automatically.
    Weight : 5
  • Christmas Event - Sweet Candy Cane Quest (Christmas Season only)
    During holiday season, everyone forgets their past and rebuild anew life. The same goes for monsters like Goblins. During Christmas, along with their masks, they also wear Santa Hats to celebrate the season. A little girl in Lutie once attempted to keep a Santa Goblin as a pet. She succeeded in this feat and she wants to share it to everyone this season in exchange for a few candies.
    Any adventurer who's interested on catching their own Santa Goblin pet by getting a Sweet Candy Cane from Little Annie is welcome. You can find her around the Town Square, in Lutie.
    [Event Duration: December]
    Sweet Candy Cane
    A candy cane which is sweet enough to melt up one's tongue. It's too sweet for human to eat. Santa Goblin may like it.
    Item Class: Taming item
    Weight : 5
    Cookie Bag
    A bag, stuffed with various snacks, that generally coveted by those with a sweet tooth.
    Weight : 7

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