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Argatlahm's Journal

A Developer's Notes

By Argatlahm


Most entries here are for future releases, you may or may not find them in-game yet depending on their implementation date. Just cross reference them with the released announcements to be sure.

Last Update: 06-18-09

  1. The Poisoned Beverage
    It's always fun seeing someone kiss the floor on any map, especially if you are the one causing it. Because of the popularity of the spoiled soup in the GM Castle and by request by a player ( I forgot the name >_< ), I decided to create some.
    There are 2 types of them potions and juices. The potions can be made by using the Pharmacy skill of Alchemists/Creators. Of course you will need a guide. Its found inside the GM Castle, in my library. Make sure you return them afterwards. :P
    For the juices, they will be randomly dropped when you are wearing the Poring Rucksack.
  2. Exploding Gashapon
    While wandering around the 4th floor of SM Bacoor during my lunch break I saw a Gashapon on one of the tables, ( if you are wondering what a gashapon is click me) it reminded me of the Bomb Poring Box. Since eA is too slow to implement some of the items, I've decided to implement it and put it on the vending machines in-game. Sadly players became instant Achmeds and caused mayhem not only in PVP but even on the Blackmarket Vending area >_<. Because of that Everade disabled it and will stay like that until I figure out something or eA implements it officially XD
  3. The Blessed Valkyrie Helm
    Since the plan of the wipe began, we already intended to make the Valkyrie Helm a quest to prevent donators from being too powerful. Holly Enix volunteered on making the quest and the story sounds good. I modified a bit on the quest to make it a bit harder. If you wish to do the quest you may need to start sleeping on Inns instead of using the Healer :P
  4. The Baby Chick Turned Blue
    This has long been planned to be the quest of the Hopping Filir but I was just too lazy to do it. Finally I was able to finish it, sadly jRO made their own version of the headgear too. (I really think kRO or jRO is spying GatheringRO) Since it was against my personal policy to clash custom and official headgears on the same quest, with this new headgear available I could put them together. :P If you are an Alchemist or Creator doing the Baby Chick, you may get a surprise in the future.
  5. Drakon's Book
    You will surely can't go wrong in going to book cases or libraries, that is except if you are doing the Rideword Quest. Anyway for the Golden Dragon Helm's Quest that Holly Enix made, I recommend you looking around book cases on Rachel buildings.
  6. Lord Kaho's missing servants
    This is a quest also made by Holly Enix, its pretty easy to do but you may have a hard time finding the NPC, or is it? Anyway its pretty much card hunting which I think is fair for the reward you are getting.
  7. Dark Saint Returns
    Ever since I've come up with that name, I can't seem to remove it from this quest. Holly Enix also made a quest for DLH but I revised it entirely to include her. I really like coding this quest, which took longer compared to the VH Quest and its code is sloppy compared to the VH too. Anyway, the quest starts from a grave yard, you may need to exert some extra effort to find it and the item to trigger it. But yeah, remember what I said about the items you find in the sands?
  8. Gathering Station
    The blackmarket may get a drastic change on the positions of the NPCs, I'm looking forward on getting this approved.
     Blackmarket Sign Boards
  9. Remember the random signboards I've put in the blackmarket, turns out they are indeed useful to start a quest. Just watch out for Oaka's move in the near future.
  10. Randomizing Requirements
    I love randomizing everything, especially on this game. You might have noticed it on the Citrus Quest, Leprechaun Quest and Crescent Helm Quest, anyway this time it will be the actual items. There will be a quest for the new headgears that may make you lucky if you have them or cry finding that certain item.
  11. You Want MVP? Come Find Me
    This is just something I thought of inspired by those MVP Campers out there. Since kRO released the new figure items which inspired the Novice Figure event mob, I've decided to make the rest of them. Only this time they are not triggered by automated events, instead they spawn on certain times on a random field map, and I mean any field map. Good luck finding one.
  12. Mini Games Galore
    Whenever I try to log in game with my novice, I always see people saying they're bored or what not. Doing quests really that boring? Well if it bores you there are a lot of minigames that we can offer, official and custom.
    For the custom there's the Digging Minigame in Comodo, Mining Minigame in Einbroch, and Soccer in Prontera.
    There are also official minigames like:
    Monsters Race in Hugel
    Bingo Game in Hugel
    Diamond Gambling in Comodo
    Arena in Izlude
    Turbo Track in Alde Baran
  13. Seal Information Anyone?
    eA recently released an NPC that will tell the current status of the WoE 1.0 God Items Seal Quest. The sign board can be found in Prontera (113,294).
  14. The Maze
    Since we recently updated our server not long ago, some of the commands has changed, and because of this some npcs that RedXIII made became incompatible. Its a good thing that he didn't made the code too complicated for me to dissect it, any the maze event minigame is working again. Just request your local event GM to start one for you if you see them.
  15. MVP Radar
    I haven't tested this yet fully in-game but it should be working fine. Anyway upon usage of the convex mirror, it will tell you the current location of a certain MVP on their map 10mins, and if they are already killed, their next estimated spawn time. Doesn't work on all MVPs though, and doesn't work on summoned MVPs. It only works on their actual boss map. They will be available in game as event prizes or on event boxes at a really low chance. We are still thinking if we are going to put this on the Kafra Shop.
  16. The Ghost Ship
    The Pirate Treasure quest will have its location change in the future. Cap'n Ravela will still be on a ship but this time not a sinking one. You may get some clues if you wander around the Sunken Ship Island in the future.
  17. Soul Binding
    This is still a hush-hush so I won't say any details for now, because someone maybe reading. :P
  18. Lucky Bunny Slippers
    All this time RO Mobile items were placed on GM Boxes, they were evenly distributed to each box before so each GM Box has their own set. While this may seem unfair as an event prize its was the only way to make them available in game. Good thing I've thought of those Player Mob MVPs at least this time, these items will fit perfectly to the actual mobs and will be easily accessible to players. The Bunny Slippers that players sought for should be easy to get now and make the drooping bunny. :P
  19. Event Prizes
    Recently the chance of getting event boxes has been raised to accommodate the population. Along with the Novice Figure, Cart Parts and Stolen Sandals, now you can also get Event Boxes from Swordsman, Magician, Thief, Archer, Acolyte and Merchant Figures along with the Golden Apple. As opposed what most people are thinking, the Golden Apple is only used here, nothing else.
  20. A flower for a flower
    Well many are puzzled on what kind of flowers Aerith will take on the Flower Decorator Quest. Actually she is only looking for 4 kind of flowers which are Lotus Flower, Laurel Crown, Heaven Flower and Hibiscus. This is only gender specific quest, only boys can give flowers to her.
  21. Sun, Moon and Stars
    Since many are mystified by this secret skills by SG's here is the lowdown
    • Miracle of the Sun, Moon and Stars
      The Miracle of the Sun, Moon and Stars triggers anytime, anywhere, regardless of what you are doing. Chance of activating this skill is 0.1%.
    • Angel of the Sun, Moon and Stars
      The Angel of the Sun, Moon and Stars triggers when doing /doridori while Happy Break/Enjoyable Rest is in effect, meaning that you must do /doridori before or when you see the HP/SP restoration numbers (Green and Blue numbers). Each time you trigger the skill, it will calculate the chance it will take effect in accordance to the server's settings, which is currently 0.5%.


  • Tom Yum Goong cooking
    So I've decided to put this in too here since I think a lot of people are aware about this but when you are trying to make the Captain's Hat, you don't actually need to repeat the quest on different characters (quest is once per character only) just to collect the required amount. After finishing the quest, there is a countertop just beside the npc, as long as you have finished the quest, you can cook Tom Yum Goongs there as many as you want. (Granted of course that you have all the ingredients)
  • I Love China Fine China
    On the next few days the update might be applied but I haven't got the time to make formal guides yet. Anyway all I can say for this headgear quest is it will be based on your weight but that won't mean that if you just have around 100 maximum weight limit is that you can get away with it. There is a certain threshold for the required maximum weight, that's for you guys to find out, though, players with bigger weight capacity may pay alot more.
  • A Dice Game
    Something I cooked up one rainy morning is this Dice Game. This will be the quest for those headgears that was previously put in the Cloister of Annihilation Quest. Its more of a time consuming game but atleast its not item gathering this time. I really hope you would atleast enjoy this as much as I enjoyed coding it particularly naming the npc. The name of the npc is Journey and you will find him inside the Hotel Gathering as soon as he's implemented.
  • The cloister of confusion
    So many were disappointed on the move I made on putting certain headgears on the Althea Castle dungeon. Well since I've finally finished the dice game script, the prizes will be moved there. For the mean time, the previous prizes will be returned there, particularly Aesprika and Brynhildr until the Althea Castle item project is finished. Can't say much more for now about that.

    That's all for now, this maybe updated from time to time. I won't answer any questions here but feel free to post your comments.


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can't wait no longer!

i wanna put my hands on that blessed V helms! /gg

please finish the B.V helm quest...(begging)

i guess you just have to wait arga is always busy making funny quests for GatheringRO ;P , or new updates :o also Everade^^

i love the quests hards = more fun omgz O.o !


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  • 2 weeks later...

depends since I'm just waiting for Everade's map changes, he may or may not continue it though if since I've decided to stop any developments for now, its a bit vague if you will actually get it or not but its a shame if not, its major update not only the blackmarket but also some of the existing quest will get some contents added and 3 new quests too


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dont let those ppl stop u arga !

u just need to test things out before implement them and u r set

asking opinio and pool should have you ( bloodomen suggestion)

it can give u pictures how ppl will think about it or how ppl response to it thus u can make some changes to suit their taste or anything which is better

do that and u will be a good developer

developer is not not all about developing a program anyway. its more about how u develop satisfaction from community and what is best

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I dunno if it has something to do with how I type that's why people doesn't understand me but isn't that what I'm doing? I've said it multiple times before, if a certain thing is not announced on the main page then its not official, its only the players who treat it as official and speculate and make whines

the mvp randomization has been scrapped for now since after being tested on the live server, it didn't perform well as on my test server

asking opinions on the forums is futile, half of the population in-game doesn't go to the forums no matter how we advertise, so the people here doesn't really show the voice of the players, and some people also have ways to make the result work on their favor

the same goes for in-game polls but its much harder to manage

if I list here all the things that I made, eA made and other's made, which one has bugs? the things is as I am the only developer and also part of the GM team, I am the only one to blame regardless of who made it, and I'm sick of that, so I'm suspending everything for now


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  • 2 weeks later...

About MvP randomization, I was thinking it'd be better if it was only the spawn point randomization. Randomized times really makes it weird seeing how someone could kill 3 ifrits in a row within 12 hours time. I think some people were pissed because some of the MvPs were spawning way too frequently. And also with the issue of not having enough of the gRO population on forums, I guess you could ask the guild leaders of each guild to promote that. The automated forums advertisement on chatbox is obviously not enough or might be too hard for the uneducated or non-English speakers. It might be good if there was a "Gathering RO Forums" tab on the start up since most people ignore everything the voting part in the middle of the box. Personally, if I didn't want to go on forums and look are stuff, I would never had typed that link from the chatbox into my internet browser.

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  • 2 weeks later...

nice sir Arga thats why we're very thankful that one of the foundation of this game is our fellow pinoy.. :)

just keep it up and we are here to support U's(GM's) and the whole gRo world..

i too experienced the SDLC (ouch! saket sa ulo! haha!)

bout the forums..i agreed with ^ (poster before me.intsek/korean/hapon yata sya :) )

its really hard to make them visit the forum even if its a click away..

i keep on convincing them that theyll know a lot of things by reading lots of topics..

but nothing seems to work out..(hmmm..)

maybe..what if..hmmm nvm..ill just think of some other ways on how to make

gRo world a forum freak haha..okiez..ill just bumb again for updates..

thanks..thats all..cya..^^

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