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PVP Event

Holly Enix

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P.v.P - T o u r n a m e n t

1st: La Musique

2nd: w a C k i e

3rd: Abril

A PvP Tournament will be hosted at the 27th September 2008, 18:00 Servertime by <GM> Silmeria and <GM> Holly Enix

Basic Information

-) You may participate with ANY class and ANY equipment.

-) It is a 1 vs 1

-) You can only join the PvP Tournament with 1 Character.

-) END OF REGISTRATION: 25th September 2008 | 15:00 Server Time

There will be 3 Winners.

1st Prize:


GatheringRO Surprise Box

A mysterious gray box with the word GatheringRO in it. If you open it, something good may be inside.

Weight : 20


Java's Turban

Twin Bunnies

Spilt Ice Cream

Helm of Hermes

Floppy Bunny

Samurai Head

Stuffed Panda


Reidinkurs Hat

Symbol of Beginning

Symbol of Valor

Symbol of Arcana

Symbol of Precision

Symbol of Divinity

Symbol of Trade

Symbol of Slyness

Red Bag

Water Bottle

Old Button

Wedding Bouquet

Illyrian Headdress

Drooping Garm

Gym Pass

2nd & 3rd Prize:


Castle Invitation

An invitation for a one time event to enter the GatheringRO Castle.

Class : Miscellaneous

Rules & Miscellaneous Information

- You will not be allowed to use any healitems.

- The PVP Event will take place on another map - NOT THE CURRENT HELLSBOX - So those who want to PVP in Hellsbox can go on, or practice there :P

- I will recall the participating Players. Anyone not online at his turn is automatically disqualified and the enemy is the winner.

- Outside buffs are ALLOWED.

Please fill in this survey to participate:

Character Name (Exact):
Character Level:
Character Class:

You can only participate with > 1 < Character.

Any post not related to registration will be deleted.

For any questions send a PM, I will answer them, and if it's important I will edit this thread.

The Soul Linker's autoresurrection skill - If you died once the duel is over, even though you get an autores through the SL's skill.

-) END OF REGISTRATION: 25th September 2008 | 15:00 Server Time

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