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Comodo Digging Quest


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Comodo Digging Quest

Note: 25/4/10 Updated screenies, colours, added headgears.


What you need/Require for each dig:

¤10k Zeny

¤Bent Spoon 7016.gif


You can get Bent Spoon's from:


¤Zombie Prisoner: 10.50% drop rate

(Location: gl_prison)

¤Skeleton Prisoner: 10% drop rate

(Location: gl_prison1)

@alootid Bent Spoon or 7016


1. Warp to the "Digging Instructor"

Location: @warp cmd_fild02 87 98

And Select: Start Digging



2. After you have selected "Start Digging."

The Digging Instructor will put red marks on your mini map. That will mark out the digging spots in 7 places.


From: Left to Right.

1. @warp cmd_fild02 53 94

2. @warp cmd_fild02 74 194

3. @warp cmd_fild02 134 181

4. @warp cmd_fild02 173 110

5. @warp cmd_fild02 252 113

6. @warp cmd_fild02 259 90

7. @warp cmd_fild02 343 123


3. Start Digging, and possibly hope for something good. XD



Warning you will come across:

¤ Land Mines



¤ "You find nothing"



And the Treasure you dug up~


  • Taming Boxes
  • Pet Food Boxes



  • Potion Boxes
  • Herb Boxes
  • Food Boxes
  • Healing Boxes
  • Buttefly Wing Boxes (Yellow, Blue, etc)
  • Elemental Converter Boxes
  • Elemental Resist Potion Boxes
  • Usable Scroll Boxes ( eg. Tao, Phree & Ghostring )
  • Hometown Gift
  • Thief Ring


  • Gemstone Box
  • Refining Ores Box
  • Dead Branch Box
  • Emergency Call Box (Level 3)
  • Poring Box
  • Treasure Chest/Box
  • Dungeon Teleportation Scrolls
  • Barricade Tool Box ( Woe 2.0 )
  • Guardian Stone Repair Kit ( Woe 2.0 )
  • Evil Mind


  • Observer
  • Hockey Mask
  • Fish Head Hat
  • Red Glasses
  • Ramen Hat
  • Pecopeco Hairband
  • Diadem
  • Pirate Dagger
  • Whisper Mask
  • Robo Eyes
  • Freya Crown

Requirements for other Quests:


Thanks for reading this guide guys. :3

I'd like it if you listed what you have received and i'll add it in.

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  • 4 weeks later...

well.... i got

wanderer taming box

red deleter taming box

Diabolic taming box

Hammer Goblin taming box

white herb box

Green butterfly box

Blue Butterfly box

Yellow butterfly box

Green apple box

Water converter box

Speed potion box

Meat skewer box

Light concentration box

Oridecon box

Resist potion box

Grape box

Honey box

Bluegemstone box

Red glasses

and a fish.. he!he! continuing the search for others.

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I dug around for like...2 hours. Found Bok Choy Box, OBB, and 2 Potion boxes OH and 9999999999999999 mines. :/ Before wipe I got hockey on first try ;-;

omg lol you don't get OBB but I got OBB from a monster cuz I was wearing my mimic ring xD

But yeah. I tried again. Buuuuuuutttttt.......I didn't get any boxes like 100 times later. I did get 99 land mines and 1 nothing ;D

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