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The Clown Guide


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Ok i have been searchin for a clown guide in this forums so far i dont see any

Where to lvl up (use bow for fastest level up possible)

20-50 pay_dun01

50-70 pay_dun02

70-100 gef_fild14

100-120 abyss_02

120-190 thor_v01

190-250 thor_v03 using crystal arrows and frozen arrows



Dex is 200

Agi: max aspd


int:140 (for decent sp amount)

vit:rest of remaining



get VH with maya p or just get any slotted headgear to put maya P or kiel card


any armor get unfrozen,Tao gunka or sasquatch


+10 Triple bloody boned violin for arrow vulcan


+10 comp bow with marina,metaling,magnolia,metaller for long range snipers


i prefer Tidal shoes with green ferus card


Wool scarf for +10% HP


2 gloves

one with erend ebecee for pneuma

one with horong card


wind arrows and fire arrow

Wind for Frost joker arrow vulcan

Fire for normal attack with comp bow



For Arrow vulcan type

Spam Frost Joke and use Wind arrow for AV

For Tarot fate

get link and use poem of bragi

and suffagrium For max Spam =D

Have Fun


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  • 2 months later...

you forgot something

the shield(while using a guitar)

it should be V.shield+Thara if u r not knida rich enough

or if u can afford, Maya

and the best is GTB ofcourse

for cheap headgears, it is advisable to use feather beret to last longer

for those who cant afford maya p also,just put up marduk card to prevent silence

armor:unfrozen or evil druid

weapon, i usually dont care about the weapon cards, as long as i have a golem card in it to prevent breakage

and id rather spam tarot than hitting with bows(we are not Snipers :P)

also if u have time try putting up The List of Tarot Cards

the reason is,to be more familiar with the cards,

there is the description of the tarot cards in the skill itself right?

but theres nothing telling which one is the The chariot,The Fool cards and watsoever.

so i suggest you should put a complete list+pic+description of them ^^

heres a good source, just edit them to look good.


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Hmmm '~' This guide doesn't help too much...

Like someone mentioned before, it's very bland and not very detailed.

For the lvling spots, maybe add which monsters people are supposed to kill?

Taking notice of the skills you put down.

There are waaaay more combinations which could be used. Every skill a Clown has could be used in a certain combination to be useful, even though probably no one has worked out how to use all skills efficiantly. :3

And the equips...

VH isn't available yet. So what else to use? ;P

And VH might become useless if the effects are changed a lot more.

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Hmm yea... actually what I need more is the in-depth guide about Clown's musical skills... like which song should be learnt and which needs not be (including the ensemble songs).

And a question.. do ppl use Clown only for their frost joker and tarot cards? :mellow:

I use Clown and Gypsy for Into the Abyss or what it's called here :3 Removes gemstone requrement (well, at least 1 gem for Profs).

That's all I use them for really... Well, I rarely have a clown except on side accounts, since my main is female D: I don't like crossdressing xD

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