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Secret's of the Poring Realm!


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The Poring Realm


Ok guys , so this is my first guide so chillout if its not perfect :P . Also if you have any suggestion's or if there is anything i have missed out just say and i might add it ^_^ .

Item's Obtainable by this quest are:

Poporing Hat------}

Squatting Poring--} Any one of These

Angeling Hairpin--}(Its totally Random)

Poring Party Hat--}

Deviling Hat------}(*NEW!)

Poring Cake Hat---}(*NEW!)


Poring Box (This is 100%)



1. To start the quest you need to go to Prontera 32 226. Select "Trade Card" this will allow you to swap Poring-Type cards for Poring Coin's, you need 50 of these to enter the Poring Realm.


Personally, i think that the Goldring Card is the best, since you get 2 coins for each one and they are quite easy to get since they get sold for roughly 1~2m each and there are 160 Goldring's which may drop them in the Blackmarket.



2. When you recieve your Poring Coin's, If you haven't recently patched your client (i think) it will show up as a Unknown Item which looks like an Apple :

Don't worry if this happen's it still has the same effect.


I strongly suggest you use a Paladin or an Assasin Cross, If not use a Champion or Creator but you may need Yggdrasil Berries and ofcourse for Creator your Acid Bottle's. I would take Yggdrasil Berries anyway just incase hes strong against you, afterall, he is a God :P .

(NOTE: This guide does show me using a Lord Knight, It is not necessarily a good class to do the quest with because this guide was made over a year ago before the wipe when i had a Thanatos card and Meggingjards, It may not be as effective to use a Lord Knight unless you have very strong equipment!)



3. Once you have your 50 Poring Coin's (or Unknown Apple's :P ) head down to pay_fild04 and look around the beachy area on the left side of the map and you will find a Arcangeling which you can talk to.


Select that you want to go to the Poring Realm and he will say you need 50 Poring Coin's (If you read all my guide you should already have these ^_^ )

You will now be entered into the Sacred Poring Realm! Notice you get a warning saying:



4. So Guess what we do here? KILL EVERY PORING YOU SEE :D . Yes It's very cruel but you have to do it for the quest ^_^ .



5. Once you kill all of the Poring's the Great Almighty Poring God will get mad and appear before your very eyes wanting to teach you a a lesson!


The Poring God is a MVP and has minion's which are Poring Guard's. The Poring God has 3.88 million HP and some say he hit's fairly hard. The Poring God has very high Defense and is immune to Magic!



6. When you have eliminated the Poring God he will Congratulate you on your victory.


You will then be returned to Prontera and have a random Poring Hat + Poring Box in your inventory.




You just completed the Poring Realm Quest. You can do this as many times as you want to get the other headgear's.

I hope you enjoyed my guide :3.

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Great great guide, I really like it, but just some suggestions.

1. It's kinda basic, just some words and pictures.

2. Try to use some colors instead.

3. Maybe a big title at the top of your post.

4. Use numbers to do this first and than then, for example, what I am doing now. It just has another reason.

It just makes the guide more fun to read it.

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You can also collect Goldring Cards. You'll get 2 Coins every Card and you can also get Gold.. But well, on pay_fild04 u can meet the Minibosses...

Just to mention it ~ ^^

If you read the guide properly i already said that o_o;

Personally , i think that the Goldring card is the best , Since you get 2 coins for each one and they are quite easy to get since they get sold for roughly 1~2m Each and there are 160 of them in the Blackmarket.
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1 question:

Does the Poring God have high MDEF?

If not, then I can use my wizzy.

Im not sure ive never gone in on a high wizard , sorry but you should be able to kill it easily on a LK or any other non-magic character.

All i know is that my Bowling Bash with thanatos did Double 40k ^_^

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just did the quest.. had 40 poporing cards in storage and got 5 goldring cards in ~15min. the boss is pretty easy (at least for a paladin), I had time to browse the storage. sacrifice works.. just make sure to carry enough ygg berrys so you dont go suicidal. btw i got the angeling hairpin and of course the box..

nice guide, thank you!

might wanna mention, when you talk to the archangeling be sure to stand close to him or the chat window will freeze (happened 2x on me)

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