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Veins Siblings Quest


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 Veins Siblings Quest


Base Level: 80


¤ 100 greenherb.pngGreen Herb - can be bought in the mall or in ein_fild06 (Goat)

¤ 5 monstersfeed.pngMonster's Feed - moc_pryd04 (Matyr)

¤ 1 unripeapple.gifUnripe Apple - pay_fild04 (Poring)

¤ 2 yellowpotion.pngYellow Potion - gonryun 148 84 (Tool Dealer)

¤ 1 steel.pngSteel - moc_fild18 (steel chonchon)

¤ 10 milk.pngMilk- prontera 74 134 (Vendor from Milk Ranch)

¤ 50 jellopy.gifJellopy- pay_fild04 (Poring)

¤ 6 emptybottle.gifEmpty Bottle - can be bought in the mall or in pay_fild04 (Poring)

Quest Prerequisite: Rachel Sanctuary Quest


• 1M base experience

• 700K job experience

• 1 opb.gifOld purple box

• 1 Cqp.gif Quest coupon point

• Able to do Thor Volcano Base and Nameless Island Entrance Quest

♦ 1. Talk to the Kid in veins 327 186, who says he's looking for his sister.

Accept Request



♦ 2. Warp at thor_v02 144 78, and enter the portal there.

Head down the path until you come to a room at the end with a girl in the corner.


♦ 3. Talk to Little Curdie, who reveals herself as Karyn's sister.

You agree to return to town and seek the help of a locksmith.

Little Curdie


♦ 4. Return to the Kid in veins 327 186



♦ 5. After that talk to the Young Town Native @jump 222 120.

Young Town Native


♦ 6. Talk to Lockenlock @jump 180 167

Bring him a yellowpotion.pngYellow Potion.

He says he needs you to make a special soap to create a mold for the key.



♦ 7. Talk to Ivory @jump 228 127 who asks you to bring some ingredients to make the soap.



♦ 8. Talk to Saraman @jump 116 59, who says the soap is made with camel dung. Eww.. :mellow: Gross Lol. :rolleyes:



♦ 9. Talk to him again. He tells you to go to the camels and feed them the concoction.

@jump 79 223 and find the 6 camels there.

Talk to them all, but none of them are the right one.

Camel Farm


♦ 10. Go back to Saraman @jump 116 59 and explain about not finding the right camel.

He replies that his Silk Sand Camel is lost, and you need to find it in order to collect the droppings.



♦ 11. Warp at ve_fild07 234 43 where you find the Silk Sand Camel with an injured leg.

Silk Sand Camel


♦ 12. Talk to the Silk Sand Camel, and start collecting the droppings.

With the ingredients you collected, you have 5 chances to collect a dropping.

:excl: Note: If you fail to get a dropping you'll receive a potato.

Once you run out of tries, you have to collect enough ingredients to try again.

Keep doing so until you have the 5 droppings.

:excl: Note: It's safe to say this may take more than 10 tries or over 1000 greenherb.pnggreen herbs, 200 milk.png milk, 100 emptybottle.gif empty bottle and 500 jellopy.gifjellopy.


♦ 13. Head back to Saraman at veins 116 59.

Inform him of the whereabouts of his camel.

He thanks you, and gives you an opb.gifOld Purple Box.



♦ 14. Talk to the Ivory @jump 228 127, who can now make the soap for you.



♦ 15. Take the soap to Lockenlock @jump 180 167 , he needs a mold to make the key from.



♦ 16. Go back to Little Curdie at thor_v02 144 78 and pour the soap into the lock to make a copy of the key.

Little Curdie


♦ 17. Take the copy of the key to Lockenlock in veins 180 167 .

He will ask you to bring him 1 steel.pngSteel to make the key.

After explaining about the locked up little girl, he gives you the master key to the locks.



♦ 18. Return to Little Curdie at thor_v02 144 78 and free her.

Little Curdie


♦ 19. Talk to the Kid in veins 327 186 again, who thanks you and gives you some experience.



Now you got a Cqp.gif coupon point ... -^___^-



Okaii later guys. If u hav any suggestions or problems.. just comment..

i'll try to reply.. :3





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umm, does anyone know where the Mall is? to buy Green Herbs?

-> @go 0

-> Talk to the market warper

-> Select Blackmarket

-> Walk south until you see the Gathering Station building to the left.

-> Inside, you can buy the Green Herbs from either the pet shop dude, or from the alchemist shop, but only as a Alchemist/Creator if you select that option.

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