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Lost Child Quest


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1. Go inside a building of Rachel (98 238). Talk to Vincent at the 2nd Floor (ra_in01 384 246).He will ask you to help him retrieve the missing gem. You have to find and interrogate a lost child named Phobe.

2. Just outside the building, you’ll find Logan (Rachel 114 232). Talk to him to learn more about the child Phoebe. He’ll tell you to ask Mr. Manson instead.

3. Go back inside the building and talk to Mr. Manson (ra_in01 372 200). He’ll tell you about Jenny.

4. You’ll find jenny at the garden of Rachel (48 236). She will tell you to ask around the market

5. At the market, you’ll find two Idle Merchants. Talk to the Idle Merchant at Rachel (138 73) first. He doesn’t recognize Phoebe because there are a lot of children in the market

6. Talk to the other Idle Merchant at Rachel (120 47) instead He’ll tell you that some guy asked him to give a message to anyone who is looking for Phoebe. That guy wants you to come to the Ice Cave

7. Meet the suspicious man at the entrance of Ice Cave (ra_fild01, 245, 325). He’ll stab you and you’ll loose 50% of your HP. You will find out he is hired by Vincent. Return to Vincent to get some explanation.

8. Go back to Vincent and he’ll tell you about a family secret. He’ll asked you still continue in finding Phoebe.

9. Talk to a Kid at Rachel (273 32) and you’ll find out that he is the lost child Phobe. He’ll return to you the Jewel.

10. Return the jewel to Vincent (ra_in01 384 246) and he will ask you to inform Jenny that you have found Phobe.

11. Talk to Jenny to inform her about Phoebe.

12. To finish the quest, return to Vincent (ra_in01 384 246) and you’ll obtain an Old Violet Box. You’ll also receive a letter of commendation to Sir Zhed.

13. Find High Priest Zhed (ra_temin 277, 159) to obtain 900,000 base experience.

Sorry if i don`t have pictures..Ü

Im new here..

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Thank you for helping the community but..

Erm.. this guide is already been made by Ms. Tweedles..

Check dis link..


Please check the quest in the search engine before making it.. :mellow:

It would be rude to the one who put her heart on making tht quest guide...it seems lyk her effort just turn to waste... -_-

And also please put a disclaimer if ever to prevent legal issues of the quest guide. thank yoo..

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