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Fate's Max Level 99 PvP Events


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I apologize about the first event. I had connection issues. The event will be one hour after the next WoE.

GM Help Needed: (A list of things I would like a GM to do if possible. If not that is fine.)

[X]I need advertisement.

[X]Ensure no one cheats.

The requirement to be able to play for a prize are just follow the rules.


No Valk Helm or DLH(Moved to banned item list)

No flaming or any of use of insults if you win or lose.

No Parties.

Your character must be in the guild LvL 99 Only.

No Revival Items / Skills.

No Healing Items.

*Rules can be changed and will be open to suggestions.*

No Participants may be higher than First Class Change or Rebirth First Class Change. (The classes right after Novice/High Novice)





Obviously I cannot stop people from ruining the games but I would hope people would have the kindness to not ruin these events for us all.

If you are found out that you cheated in any way possible or break any of the rules you will be unable to receive any prizes at any future events and be expelled from the guild.

To sign up for the events just post here your in-game characters name you would like to play. (S)He must meet the requirements of the rules.

Prize List:

First Place: 300 Million Zeny 8 Dead Branches, 2 Ultimate Prize Points.

Second Place: 150 Million Zeny, 5 Dead Branches, 1 Ultimate Prize Point.

Third Place: 50 Million Zeny, 2 Dead Branches.

Ultimate Prize List:

100 Ultimate Prize Points

Valkyrie Helm

50 Ultimate Prize Points

Ghosting Card

Gold Dragon Helm

Incantation Samurai Card

(If the GMs allow this.) All information about the Dark Lord Helm Quest (If this is abused it will be immediately removed and you will be punished.

40 Ultimate Prize Points

25 Mithril Coins

Various Quest Ingredients (The number of the Ingredient will be decided by me based on the difficulty of the quest. No help with the LKH, GDH, or DLH Quests will be given.)

5 Ultimate Prize Points

Entry In The Event Winner Hall of Fame List and an Avatar Recognizing your accomplishment.

Credit goes to Toad (I do believe he came up with an idea similar) for the idea of the item to decide how many Points you have. The item will be a "Ultimate Prize's Red Potion" (The name of my event Alchemist's Potion.)

Event Winner List:


Banned List:


Contestant List:

Fate Archer - Archer - Event Level: Event Host

Pubez - TaeKwon Boy - Contestant Level: Event Host's Assistant

Purpleloki - Swordsman - Event Level: New Entry

O r a n g e s - Theif - Event Level: New Entry

d n k - Gunslinger - Event Level: New Entry

Cute Poison - Super Novice - Event Level: New Entry

R y u u t a i k o u - Gunslinger - Event Level: New Entry

PFI 99 - Swordsman - Event Level: New Entry

LittleKim - Thief - Event Level: New Entry

Pew Pew Pewn - Archer - Event Level: New Entry

ProEvent - Mage - Event Level: New Entry

H o l l y E n i x - Mage - Event Level: New Entry

Enough - Archer - Event Level: New Entry

Crappy Shade - Swordsman - Event Level: New Entry

Lintefalas - Swordsman - Event Level: New Entry

Crest of Kiwi - Archer - Event Level: New Entry

BabyReika - Super Novice - Event Level: New Entry

Event Level: As your event level gets higher you will play a bigger and bigger role in the event other than just playing. People with higher level will usually be trusted more, have their ideas considered more, and possibly I will have events for Veteran Battlers and up. (Veteran Battler is gained from placing in the top 3 in 5 events.)

Banned Item List:

Valkyrie Helm (Donation)

Dark Lord Helm

Golden Thief Bug Card

Lord Knight Card

Garm Card

NOTE:Gold Dragon Helm and Maya are allowed stop asking me

(If any questions / suggestions are wished to be made DO NOT PM Me, Post here. NO SUGGESTIONS REGARDING LEVEL OR ALLOWING HIGHER CLASSES WILL BE ALLOWED)

(I would love GM Help for prizes, announcing the event days, and possibly helping to find any cheaters. Player help will consist of prizes and spreading news about the event verbally.)

Sign Up Template:

Character Name:
Character Class:
(Optional)Items You Wish to Donate For Prizes:


Please confirm with the people you bet on that they will be participating.

You may bet on 3 people. If any of those 3 people place in the top 3 you win double the zeny you wagered. You may not bet more then 5 million zeny.

Gamblers/Who they are betting on:




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Thank You. Hopefully People will take this seriously now.

I have also decided the first weeks prizes and I will announce them shortly.

This week will only be a money prize. The prizes will get more valuable as I play more, and as more people consider this.

Also I have added a new "Ultimate Prizes" Which will be able to be gained by winning the event in first place. When you receive a certain amount of Ultimate Prize Points you will receive the opportunity to get a much more valuable prize.

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Pretty sweet idea, you get the somewhat-easy gearing up of High Rates, but with higher stats means more build options.

With level 254 characters, there isn't much build flexibility. With level 99 characters, there are so many things you can do, so many different builds. And a world without Thana being rediculously powerful, and non 195 ASPD (unless you gear for it). This will be awesome.

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Start signing up. Please use the proper signing up template. Also, could a room in PvP that only allows people level 99 and lower inside be created? If not that is fine I just assume this to get big perhaps and would like a place where cheating can be made less likely occur.

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We cannot make maps for 99 only o_ô''

And... We could check the player's lvl on the map and warp to a map where nobody can access though.

But I can already say, that I can't help you.

I have an event on that day 15 Minutes after WoE, Bird's Eye View. :X

It'll get me to have headache, I bet. xD

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So the most you can do is check level/items and warp us to a good place?

(I will also be the only one with a 254 character refing / looking for cheaters possibly if you guys can't help there)

(Also is there anyway you can get Everade to give me moderator access to this thread ONLY. It would really help.)

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'good place' is a place where nobody except those who got warped there can access.

And yes. I can check levels and kick those who are higher. o_ô But as I said, I might have headache after my own event. To set it up.. with the guildleaders QQ

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Okay thats good enough. Also if you could donate any items for future prizes that'd be great. Either on your legit or if your allowed your GM account.

(And psst you should sign up on a legit :] Remember this event is not a one time thing. Once your signed up your allowed to play the event each time it is made.)

Adding 8 Dead Branches to first place 5 to second 2 to third.

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