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Juperos Quest


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Alright, so, I'm going to warn you in bold and underline at the same time before this guide starts. You do not obtain coupon points from this quest! This quest can be retried multiple times! Lastly, there are images.

Alright, since that is out of the way:


The search for Vesper!

Alright, since I've now got your attention, let's begin.

Step 1: To start, you will need the 4 Crest Pieces, which are dropped from the Venatus. One crest for each colored Venatu. These are the things you should be looking for:

7356.gif 7357.gif 7358.gif 7359.gif

You may have to look closer to your monitor to see them. Otheriwse, moving on.

Step 2: After obtaining one of each Crest Piece, go up to the top of the pillar. Behind the Bronze Statue (you should notice it by hovering over the statue) are a set of stairs. Hard to see, but they're there. Walk up them to get to the top.

For the lazy people, use this (you're gonna have to click it to see what the warp code is. You're not REAL LAZY):


Step 3: Go into the light (you didn't die <.<) and select the first choice. Afterwards, it's time to do some hunting.

Step 4: After you reach the second Juperos area, look for the switches, which look like this:

(The one on the top of the stairs, so to not confuse you.)

(Note that each switch is at a circle on the mini-map, except the one you came in from.)

Step 5: After killing off 2 or 3 switches, if you've got a confirmation of the middle area opening, find your way to it.

Again, for the lazy people, use this warp code: juperos_02 124 251.

Step 6: After entering the area, you are confronted with two areas, like this:

Pick either way, it's just going to end up at the same place. I'll leave off how the paths go, but I'll say this for ya: Expect ambushes. Lots of them.

Step 7: If you've followed my steps correctly, you should be at the elevator.

Now the elevator isn't active yet, but click the Switch. Pull the lever, insert all of the Crest Pieces, then pull the lever again. Hooray! But what's this?! MORE AMBUSHES!! After the ambushes are over, you are now on the Elevator going down! But beware of more ambushes! X_X

Step 8: If all steps have been followed correctly, you should be at the Juperos Core. Now go kill Vesper!

(If you have problems with getting through the steps, please post. I will try and help to the best of my ability.)

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide.


This Guide was brought to you by: Warp Express. Your warp into the unknown and future places of RO! =D

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