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Note Headphones Guide


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This is my first guide so ...


Note Headphones[1]

A cool looking set of headphones that have earmuffs designed to resemble music notes.

You can listen to your favorite Ragnarok Online music everywhere!

Increase resistance to Stun and Frozen by 10%.

MDEF + 3

Class : Headgear

Defense : 4

Equipped On : Upper, Mid

Weight : 20

Applicable Job : Every Job



Thats what we want ! :D

Im going to explain things how i did it so here goes :)



First i collected all items needed for the whole quest, some can be bought some

must be hunted.

quest can be bought


The ingredients !

Poring Cards 2

Headset 1

Steel 140

Oridecon 1

Alcohol 31

Coal 1

Cobalt Blue Dyestuff 30

Blue Herb 600

Counteragent 30

Zeny 90000

Solid Iron Piece 100

Detrimindexta 30

Karvodailnirol 1

Empty Bottle 60



How to get the ingredieënts !

use the command @warp mapnamehere

use the command @alootid itemidhere



item monster map itemid

Poring Card poring prt_fild05 4001

Steel venatu juperos_01 999

Oridecon alarm c_tower3 984

Alcohol horong pay_dun04 970 (can be bought at toolshop as alchemist)

Coal golem moc_fild05 1003

BlueHerb goat ein_fild06 501 (can be bought at toolshop as alchemist)

Detrim... removal lhz_dun01 971 (can be bought at toolshop as alchemist)

Karvo... removal lhz_dun01 972 (can be bought at toolshop as alchemist)

SolidIron all exept alice kh_dun02 7507

Emptybot... toolshop mall 15,000 zeny (sold at tool dealer as shown below)




Headset Quest:

Starts and ends at

geffen_in 30 70


items needed:

40 Steel

1 Oridecon

1 Alcohol

1 Coal



Cobalt Blue Dye Quest:


alberta_in 130 54 (have Alcohol, Detrimindexta and Karvodailnirol with you)

choose the "more about solutions" option


geffen 181 114

choose the "more about morgenstein" option


geffen_in 141 140

make 30 counteragents (30 alcohol 30 detrimindexta 30 empty bottles and 90kzeny)


morocc_in 146 99

make 30 Cobalt Blue Dyestuff (600 Blue Herbs 30 counteragents 30 emptybottles)




And last but not least

yuno_in01 125 159 the note headphone's npc



Well thats all for my first guide, i hope u all arent confused by my messed up mind >_< good luck ^_^

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