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Hugel Memory

Eisei Melody Xethlex

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Level Requirements: Unknown

Quest Rewards: 1 Old Blue Box, 50k Base Experience, Coupon Point

1. Walk around the tree in Hugel (197 169) until a message appears.

2. Talk to Manainne in Hugel (191 172) and find that she is sad because El Schatt wishes to cut down the Tree Of Memory.

3. Talk to El Schatt in Hugel (196 164) and learn that his father plans on developing the area.

4. Talk to Perfitz in Hugel (100 103) and he will explain that El Schatt has changed.

5. Return to El Schatt. He will say that he will not change his mind on cutting down the tree.

6. Talk to Manainne and find out that her dead away sister used to date El Schatt.

7. Go to Niflheim and find the spirit of Kanainne in town (90 106). She wishes to use her sister's body to influence El Schatt.

8. Talk to Manainne many times until her sister possesses her body.

9. Using Manainne's body, Kanainne talks to El Schatt.

10. El Schatt finally realizes that Kanainne is talking to him and gives up cutting the trees down.

11. Rewarded with some Base EXP and a Old Blue Box.


This Quest is NOT Repeatable by the same Character.

This Quest DID give me a Coupon Point.

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