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Marine's Guide to the HighWizard!


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Marine's Guide to the HighWizard

So, you want a guide to one of my favorite classes, the HighWizard?

Well, good for you, because there's one right here!

I'm not including Skills and what to choose because it's highly variable and all up to you.

(though you're gonna want Storm Gust, Jupitel Thunder, and Heaven's Drive no matter what!)


The HighWizard specializes in offensive magical skills, generally using Water, Fire, Wind and Earth spells to fight with,

though they have access to some Ghost element spells as well.

Though they have great prowess offensively, they also have defensive potential with Safety Wall and Energy Coat,

being able to reach a decent HP with maximum Vitality.

I use mine mostly in PvP/WoE and farming stuff when I get bored.

Another quick thing - for the HWizzies out there that are stuck by GTB, try spamming Magic Crasher on your attacker. It might save you.

--Stats and Becoming a HighWizard--

Starting Stats:

STR: 1

AGI: 1

DEX: 9

MAG: 9

VIT: 1

LUK: 9

Normally, I'd make it Vit > Luk, but you can't do that at the beginning.

Here, I'm using Senerio, my mage on my other account, to demonstrate things.


As a Novice, warp to Prt_Fild05 and kill a Poring.

That'll put you at a decent level - boost up your Mag and Dex, tossing the rest in Vit.

Then @go 0 and turn yourself into a Mage.


I'd train at Prt_Fild05 until you're about level 30 to 35, then head to the map that's sharp north and fight the local monsters there.

Horns aren't too safe, because they can detect your casting.

I go after the Wolves there, do a hit-and-run, come back when they've gone passive again.

Rinse and repeat.


Alternatively, you can go to anthell01, with the monsters there being easier to deal with.

However, if you attack one monster, the others of that kind of monster team up on you, be careful.

There's also the Maya Purple there that spawns every half-hour, and that can be fatal to a low-level Mage..

If you find one, bring a higher-level character in ASAP to kill it.

If this is your first character, I'd haul ass and get out of there!

Keep with Mag and Dex. You'll want Dex for quicker casting, and Mag for your offense.

Once you hit the required Job Level, warp back to Prontera (@go 0) and turn yourself into a Wizard.


Now this is where leveling gets easier.

As a Wizard, you get access to Storm Gust, Meteor Storm and Jupitel Thunder, all very great spells.

I, for one, keep with the Bolts and Thunderstorm, because those are quicker to cast.

You could always equip something that prevents you from breaking your cast, that works well if you've been working on Vit.


As this point, I reccommend training in the Pyramids - moc_pryd01, moc_pryd02, and moc_pyrd03.

If you kill an Isis, be sure to pluck up the Diamonds they drop, as those are great selling!

Other decent spots to train are the Payon Caves (pay_dun01, pay_dun02, pay_dun03), and the Orc Dungeon (orcsdun01, orcsdun02).

As always, be careful, because even with Vit, Wizards are fairly fragile.

By now, you should have enough Dex to cast your Bolts fairly quickly, and that will definately help you.

Once you hit level 99, warp back to Prontera (or Rachel, but I don't know the @go number for it) and reborn.

I hope you kept that dagger you had as a Novice, though you won't need it for long.

As a High Novice, you'll get a handful of stat points - it's obvious what to use them on, boost that Mag and Dex up!

Once again, warp to prt_fild05 and kill a Poring.

Return to Prontera or Rachel and turn into a HighMage.

Repeat what you did earlier as a normal Mage: train at prt_fild05 until you're a decent level, then move on north or warp to Anthell01.

However, because you'll just skip the Wizard stage, it is VERY IMPORTANT to train yourself to Job Level 50 to get as many skills as possible at the moment..

Once you're Job Level 50, warp back to Prontera or Rachel, change your job.. and congrats, you're a HighWizard!


--Training Spots as a HighWizard--

In the earlier places, there are few aggressive monsters, and work with the hit-and-run strategy.

Once you hit autocast (aka cast magic without any cast time!), you'll be able to take on the higher places!

This is all from my own experience, you can explore and find new spots.

Lv. 70 - 100

As before, work at the Payon Caves and Orc Dungeon.

The Toy Factory is also nice, because in xmas_dun01, the first floor, there is NOTHING aggressive.

...that is, besides the occasional Angeling.

Map names:

pay_dun01, pay_dun02, pay_dun03

orcsdun01, orcsdun02


Lv. 100 - 150

The Lighthalzen Dungeon is a fine spot now, though refrain from travelling to the third floor, unless you have a deathwish.

Also, be free to venture to the deep Payon Caves and the second floor of the Toy Factory!

However, be careful, as you could run into the local MvPs, Moonlight Flower and the Stormy Knight..

If you have Jupitel Thunder, Thunderstorm, and Lord of Vermilion, another fine spot is the Ice Dungeon.

Map names:

lhz_dun01, lhz_dun02



ice_dun01, ice_dun02

Lv. 150 - 200

You're getting there, good job so far!

Now, you should have about 150 or 160 Dexterity, right? If so, that's great.

Abyss Lake is a fine place for training a high-level character, though until you're around level 190, do NOT go to the bottom floor.

With the Hydrolancer, the Detale, and the Gold Aciduses, magicians can have a tough time..

Map names:


abyss_01, abyss_02

Lv. 200 - 254

This is when it begins to heat up.

And I mean that quite literally - with your Ice Bolt and Storm Gust, make a move on to Thor's Volcano, the dungeon full of fire enemies.

They're all super-weak to water and ice, so there you go!

Other maps to train at include Ice Dungeon 03, Abyss Lake 03 (once again, avoid Gold Aciduses and the bosses), and maybe even Odin Temple.

I don't reccommend Odin Temple, though, because HighWizards don't have light or dark magic, and the Valkyries there are dangerous.

Map names:

thor_v01, thor_v02, thor_v03



odin_tem01, odin_tem02, odin_tem03

---Stats as a HighWizard--

At this point, give yourself a stat reset, seeing as your stats might be a bit askew after training.

It's a bit costly with about 1,250,000 Zeny per reset, but if you want to make the best of your HighWizard, it's a good idea.

STR: Depends if you want to hold stuff or not. Most HWiz equips aren't heavy, anyways.

AGI: You're gonna want this to be at least 100 for spell-spamming.

VIT: 200 is very nice, though Thana and Ice Pick will hurt you. You could always get a Tao if you're afraid.

DEX: Depends on the bonus. You're going to want to make the bonus and base to equal 150, because that's autocast for every spell.

MAG: 200. Obvious.

LUK: Toss the rest here.

However, this is just my build.. you can make your own, because variety is the spice of life!

The biggest points are max Mag, max Vit, and enough Dex for autocast.

The rest is all very variable.

---Equipment and Cards--

Once again, this is just me. You can be free to choose your own equips or follow me, no matter.

(I'll bring pictures back eventually.)

Top Headgear: Skeggiold Hat/Valkyrie Helm/Dark Lord Helm w/Evil Snake Lord or Kiel

If you're poor, go with a Skeggi hat, because it increases MATK by 15% and that's lovely.

If you're rich, go for one of the other two listed, the stat boosts are amazing~

Evil Snake Lord grants +3 Int and gives you immunity to Curse and Blind.

Kiel would also work very nicely, decreasing after-cast delay by 30%. More JT spamming? Yes, please!

Mid Headgear: +4 Nebula Aura w/Maya Purple Card

The Nebula Aura takes up both Mid and Lower slots, but it gives nice defense and casts Kyrie Eleison on you at a .01% chance when you're attacked.

You could easily put slotted Sunglasses and a Gentleman's Pipe in these spots, but I prefer the Nebula Aura.

Maya Purple grants you the ability to constantly see all hiding enemies, making your Sight rather needless to keep on constantly.

Armor: +4 Valkyrja's Armor w/Marc Card

Valkyrja's Armor gives 1+ to all stats and is indestructable (besides upgrade attempts), and it also grants us HighWizards a +50% resistance to Silence.

The Marc card gives absolute protection to Freeze and resistance to Water element attacks by 5% percent.

It's absolutely vital if you're fighting in PvP, due to Storm Gust and all manner of freezing techniques flying around.

You could also put a Tao Gunka card in the VArmor for more HP and less defense, therefore annoying Thana/Ice Pick users.

Weapon: +10 Lich's Bone Wand w/Hill Wind and Laurell Weinder cards

The Lich's Bone Wand is a very fine wand, giving Magical Attack a +20% boost and giving Dex and Int a +1 boost.

If you're hit by Physical damage, you have a chance to Curse all enemies onscreen, which increases by refining rate.

If the wand is refined to +9 or +10, it grants a bonus +3% to Magic Attack and +300 Max SP. It's also fairly easy to refine!

The Hill Wind increases the power of Thunder Storm, Jupitel Thunder, and Lord of Vermilion by 5%.

The Laurell Weinder card increases the strength of Frost Nova and Storm Gust by 3%.

Shield: Orlean's Server w/..whatever card you feel like using

The Orlean's Server is a very fine shield, indeed: it has a chance of reflecting Magical Damage back to the caster at a 5% percent chance.

If you have Orlean's Gloves equipped (which will be covered in a bit), it reduces casting time by 10%.

I, for one, like to have multiple shields with multiple cards.

You can use whatever you want, though. GTB, GRB, Maya, whatever.

Garment: +4 Immune Valkyrja's Manteau

Mmm, Valkyrie drops. This is also indestructable excluding upgrade attempts, and for us HighWizards, it grants Perfect Dodge +5.

The refine rate also grants extra Perfect Dodge, with the Perfect Dodge granted being the refine number x 2.

I put a Raydric card on mine for Neutral property defense of +20%, which is a nice bonus.

SinX and Choco would also work here, as would Deviling.

Shoes: Variant Shoes

Wonderful, lovely Variant Shoes.

Gives a boost of +20% to max HP and SP, which decreases with refine rate.

Easily said, DO NOT refine these whatsoever.

They aren't slotted, but the boost makes up for it.

You could also put a Sleipnir instead of these on if you're filthy rich.

Valkyrie Shoes with a Fallen Bishop Hibiram card would work VERY nicely, too.

Accessories: Orlean's Gloves (one w/Imp Card, the other w/Errende Ebecee card)

As said before, these decrease casting time when comboed with the Orlean's Server.

On their own, they give a +2 bonus to Dex and increase Magical Attack by +3%.

Seeing as you have two on, that's a good bonus for any mage or archer!

The Imp card increases the power of Fire Bolt, which, IMO, is more reliable then Meteor Storm.

The Errende Ebecee card will set up Pneuma at a 5% chance when you're smacked by a physical attack.


Thank you to everyone who's given me help and advice on my HighWizard.

If you ever wish to ask me something, be free to.

Ingame, my HighWizard is Faith Wilder, often seen hanging around in Morroc or Hellsbox!

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AGI on a magician? Really? Huh, I'll test that out for myself and then change accordingly.

Ah, 150 was the Dex number? Adjustments are in order.

I'm well aware that Vit users will get beat up by Thana/Ice Pick, but those who want tons of Vitality could just toss on a Tao on an extra armor or whatever.

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Yea I recommend sticking with the armors 50% protection.

Also you might want to use an Evil Snake Lord Card for a head gear card.

Evil Snake Lord Card is +3 Int and resistance to curse.

Also regarding cool down; Your cool down of most spells (Basically all of them except for when the new classes came out.)

Your Cool Down is the same duration as the duration between your normal physical attacks. So 195 attack speed you would be technically be able to spam spells as fast as you attack but you can not physically do that. Therefore I recommend an attack speed of 185-192.



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  • 1 month later...

Because you can just walk right out of Quagmire, that's why. xD

...I dunno, I don't see that skill very often in PvP. o_O I never really take it into account.

Seeing as the build outside of Int is very variable depending on what you want to do with your HWiz (be able to lug items around, be able to spam stuff, being able to dodge well.. there's all big factors).

And thank you :3

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I like the guide. :3

But don't your equips depends on what you're going to do with the Wiz? I mean, there's no huge need of using Maya P is you're just going to hunt items (like I do >:3) since most monsters don't hide (well, there are of course some annoying ones who do ¬_¬) or for most MvPs... Unless it's Phreeoni. And probably some other cards would work well, but I'm not very good at that sort of stuff, so I'll not criticize it.

Anyways! Nice guide. I'll be able to use some of it for my Baby Wiz, which is lucky. X3

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i havent seen ... KIEL in there.

30% After cast delay reduction is sweet.

Really .. kiel is a must have :D

i recommand the expert ring over imp because JT replaces firebolt and lower aftercast delay always good.

I use both.

I didnt know aspd had any effect on casting ?

If 150 dex is insta-cast ... doesnt make sense.

Gonna try it tho.

Staff of destruction) is the weapon i would like (+10

+25%MATK +3int +10agi if +10 another +5%MATK

and a small chance to cast JT lvl 5 if attacked physically

and a slot for a card,


(+10)Staff of piercing (less MATK) but has a chance to ignore 10%MDEF (increases with refining)

and u can wear a shield with it (GTB thara what ever)

And im using a salamder card in Garment because it increases dmg of Meteor storm by 40% (<wich i

think is allot) and because im poor, want aesprika :P

About the Fallen Bishop Hibram card for the shoes, the part where it says:

"Increase damage inflicted on DemiHuman (thats us) and Angel monsters by 50%"

doesnt work, atleast, thats what i tested 1 or 2 times in pvp (searched the forums for it

and ppl said the +50% dmg is magical dmg not physical).

With 200 vit u get owned by thana/icepick true, but usually when a wiz gets hit by physical dmg

u get owned (asura, sac, SB), so i think 200vit is ok (gives u resistance to silence to, correct me if im wrong).

If u have a tactic or something against a GTB user, please do tell me :P (when being a wiz

using magic crusher ... not a chance)

Well ... thats my input about high wizzez xD (hope its not to difficult to read ...).

(oh and i mailed u xD > Gyon)

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I, for one, use my HWiz mostly for WoE'ing with my guild.. farming stuff is just a side-hobby for me. xD

And yes, I've been considering Kiel.. I haven't been able to get my hands on one, so right now, I'm working with my Evil Snake Lord card. If I ever do, I'll test it out and see what it does for me.

ASPD = increases skill spammage. Dex affects casting time, while ASPD affects after-cast delay, I believe..

Staff of Destruction IS nice, but I'd prefer having a shield with Thara Frog.

I've tried the Staff of Piercing, and I must say that the piercing ability is very nice.. though, I like my cards because Storm Gust and Jupitel Thunder are pretty much the bread and butter for PvP HighWizards.

Meteor Storm is very nice on mobs, I must agree with you on that.. I honestly prefer just Storm Gusting my enemies, because it hits all in it's range AND freezes, so I work with my Raydric card.

The only thing we HWizzies CAN do against GTB is either magic crasher (though I'm not sure if it blocks it or not, I need to check), or running like hell.

That or investing in Str and getting your ASPD up to 195.. which I've done, after my friend let me put on his VH for me to see the stats I'd have. xD

(Thank you, Abba!)

Thank you everyone for the kind advice and words, I appreciate everything as I work harder on this guide!

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Magic Crasher in gRO is useless. I've been in a server which had to multiply the magic crasher's damage to x10 or x20 (not sure which), in an attempt to produce a way to counter GTB-users. It pwns LKs in about 5 hits, in normal hp rate, which is about 30k-50k. LKs in our server have millions of hp. :blink:

So, no. Definitely not the way to go.

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you could almost drop Opponent with GTB, after all, you're not alone =)

i go with VIT 200, same as the Thread starter

Now.. since its a wizard, as ive mentioned earlier, simply recall or consider the "game" is finished if the enemy wear GTB

Then for non GTB User, i find it better to use 200 VIT

So far, i survive better with 200 VIT rather than low vit

No more Stun, Silence or any other status ailment and this is pretty crucial for those without OrcHero + Marduk

Regarding enemies with Thana/Ice Pick... Only Sniper with thana or LOD in their Bow that really causes much trouble for me, and Lord Knight with Thana on their Spear (SPear Boom Hurts so much, not sure about the exact damage coz u cant view it in woe, but in PVP, you might receive around 13-15k)

wwhile for melee attacker, we got safety wall, Firewall, Stone curse, and other usefull skill to defend ourself from them :P

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GRB donatable? XD

That'd make.. for interesting times.

Mages would be waging epic wars against each other. ._.

Yeah, I tested it out a bit and it's waaaaay too weak, so screw Magic Crasher. As said before.. GTB > HWizzies, seeing as we can't really give up our skill points for Str. :/ If they have it, it's pretty much an instant win against us.

Profs and HPriests can get around GTB, but we sure can't, and that's that.

However, anybody that lacks Storm Gust and Jupitel Thunder protection get eaten up by HWizards, so there's a big bonus for us.

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