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2nd Job Platinum Skill "Update"


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bunny3.gif ¶ 2nd Job Platinum Skill Updated ¶ bunny3.gif

Soo there is a new update in 2nd Job Platinum Skills.

Here's a simple guide for you ;)

These are the quest that didn't change which stayed the same as usual

Notify me if it is changed.. tnx. /heh

Knight Skill Quest - ChargeAttack.png Charged Attack Skill

Sage Skill Quest

- CreateElementalConverter.png Create Elemental Converter Skill

- ElementalChange.png Elemental Change Skill

Hunter Skill Quest - PhantasmicArrow.png Phantasmic Arrow Skill

Dancer Skill Quest - CharmingWink.png Charming Wink Skill

Blacksmith Skill Quest

- DubiousSalesmanship.png Dubious Salesmanship Skill

- Greed.png Greed Skill

Priest Skill Quest - Redemptio.png Redemptio Skill

Bard Skill Quest - PangVoice.png Pang Voice Skill


Alchemist Skill Quest

- Homunculus Quest (Bioethics.png Bioethics Skill)

- Elemental Potion Creation Guide (PreparePotion.png Prepare Potion Skill )




New Guide to the changed Quest

Assassin Skill Quest

VenomKnife.pngVenom Knife Quest

Info: Throw a Venom Knife at mid range to deal damage and poison the enemy which

can be purchased from Sepulchral Merchant at in_moc_16 22 19 for 50z each.

Level Requirements: None

1. Talk to Killtin at in_moc_16 15 27

Continue conversing with him until he teaches you Venom Knife.




SonicAcceleration.pngSonic Acceleration Quest

Info: Increases the hit and attack power of the skill Sonic Blow.

Gives Sonic Blow +50 Hit, and increases the damage by 10% for all skill levels.

Level Requirements: Job 40+

Skill Prerequisites: sonicblow.gif Sonic Blow Skill

1. Talk to Esmille at in_moc_16 23 26.

She will teach you the skill only after you've completed a task.

She asks you to retrieve a jewel from either Pyramids 4F or Sphinx B2.



2. It depends on what task she gives to you either one of this.

Pyramid: Pyramids 4F - aquamarine.gif Aqua Marine

Warp at moc_pryd04 83 98 which is at the middle of the Pyramid 4th floor.

Keep walking around right next to the enclosed water area until you get an aquamarine.gif Aquamarine.


Coffin: Sphinx B2 - sapphire.gif Sapphire or ruby.gif Ruby

♦ Warp at in_sphinx2 216 268 which is near to the 1st coffin site.

As you warp at this coordinates you will automatically activate the dialogue and you will be prompted to make a choice.

Depending on what you choose you will be poisoned, blinded, or cursed.

Just be persistent and continue selecting and eventually you will receive a sapphire.gif Sapphire.


If the first doesn't work go the the second one, and vice-versa.

♦ Warp at in_sphinx2 18 163 to the 2nd coffin site, where you will find a statue with an ornament.

Choose Dig to retrieve the shining object.

It's booby-trapped and will put you to sleep with gas.

Again, keep trying and you will receive a ruby.gif Ruby.


3. If you a get one of the gems that is assigned to you,

return to Esmille at in_moc_16 23 26 with the gem to receive the Sonic Acceleration skill.







Rogue Skill Quest

closeconfine.pngClose Confine Quest

Info: Holds a foe interlocked with the caster without either side being able to move,

but still being able to attack or use skills and items.

Casting it beyond the range of 2 cells results in skill failure.

When using this skill, player gains +10 Flee.

Level Requirements: none

1. Talk to Thor Greg at in_rogue 268 124

He may be also the only one that spills the hiding place of his father once the player talks to him twice.

Thor Greg


2. Visit Haijara Greg at in_rogue 355 178.

Correct answers in order:

* I don't mean you any harm!

* I came to help you.

* No.

* Sure!

Haijara Greg


3. Talk to Louis Greg at in_rogue 153 29.

Louis Greg


4. Go back to Thor Greg at in_rogue 268 124

Thor Greg


5. Find Jay Greg at in_rogue 182 114


6. Go back to Thor Greg at in_rogue 268 124

He will send you to a waiting room.

The player must enter a chat room.

Thor Greg


7. Here is where the fun starts but annoying. /swt3

The players have 5 minutes before they are kicked out.

Kienna will appear in one second as the room warns,

and the player must walk right up 1 cell next to her before she hides,

or she will disappear and the player will be sent back to the middle of the room to repeat.


8. Upon successfully walking up to her she will prompt the player.

You must choose the right options: Block her from the left, Block her from the right, or Block her moving backward.

To pass the test, the player must perform above grade C+.


 i got C+ lol...

9. Upon success she will return the player to Thor Greg.

He will tell the player to go back to his father to finish learning the skill.

10. Talk to Haijara Greg to master the skill at in_rogue 355 178

Then a thief in the shape of a guard steals his book.

Get the thief~! Now apply what you did earlier!! Blocking session!!

Once completed, talk to Haijara Greg, and he will give you closeconfine.pngClose Confine Skill.

Haijara Greg





Monk Skill Quest

SpiritualBestowment.pngKi Translation Quest

Info: Transfers one of your existing spirit spheres to a party member.

The party member cannot have more than 5 spheres at a time, and

if you do not have any spheres yourself, the skill will fail.

1. Talk to the Monk at monk_test 316 68.



2. Next, talk to the Apprentice Monk at prt_monk 270 197

If you talk to him with 0 Weight, he will teach you Ki Translation Skill.

Apprentice Monk



ExcruciatingPalm.pngKi Explosion Quest

Info: Hits an opponent with a focused blast of energy, which stuns nearby foes and causes them to be knocked back.

The target of this attack takes 300% damage.

Any enemies adjacent to the target get knocked back 5 cells and have a 70% chance to stun for 2 seconds.

The target itself does not get knocked back or stunned.

This skill is usable in PvP and WoE, but targets will not be knocked back on maps which knock back is not permitted.

Item Requirements:

20 shoot.gif Stems - mjolnir_11 (Mandragora, Flora)

3 stem.gif Shoots - mjolnir_11 (Mandragora, Flora)

Quest Requirements: Completed Ki Translation Quest

1. Head to the Monk at monk_test 316 68.

He requires two things before he will teach you the skill.



2. Return to the Monk with 20 Stems and 3 Shoots,

and he will then teach you Ki Explosion Quest.





Crusader Skill Quest

crusader4.pngShrink Skill

Info: It has a chance to knock back opponents when you successfully block an attack with Guard.

It lasts for 5 minutes, and you can deactivate the skill at any time by using it again.

The success rate to blocking an attack depends on the level of autoguard you have,

and only works when you have a shield equipped.

Item Requirements:

1 redpotion.gif Red Potion - gonryun 148 84 (tool dealer)

20 stickymucus.gif Sticky Mucus - pay_fild04 (Poring, Poporing)

3 emptybottle.gif Empty Bottles - pay_fild04 (Poring)

5 jellopy.gif Jellopy - pay_fild04 (Poring)

1 coal.gif Coal - ein_dun01 (Pitman)

3 cyfar.gif Cyfar - gl_prison (Injustice)

1 grape.gif Grape - pay_dun00 (Familiar)

1 unripeapple.gif Unripe Apple - pay_fild04 (Poring)

Level Requirements: Job 40+

1. Talk to Ford in geffen 109 117 and lend him your aid.


2. Talk to a Soldier at gef_fild13 298 242 and give him the redpotion.gif Red Potion.


3. Proceed to the Arther Pastor at prt_church 88 127 for assistance to cure the soldier and

give him the other materials that you gathered so he can prepare an antidote.


4. Race the antidote back to the Soldier at gef_fild13 298 242 to cure him.

If you fail, return to Arther Pastor at prt_church 88 127 for another antidote.


5. Once successful, you'll be taught crusader4.pngShrink Skill.




Wizard Skill Quest

SightBlaster.pngSight Blaster Skill

Info: For two minutes, you will be surrounded by the Fires of Sight.

While Sight Blaster is active, any enemy that steps in

a 3x3 area around you will be thrown back and take a 100% MATK fire hit.

In war of emperium, there is no knockback.

Once the skill has hit a target, Sight Blaster ends.

Item Requirements:

10 crystalblu.gif Crystal Blue - iz_dun00 (Marina, Black Mushroom)

10 GreenLive.gif Green Live - mjolnir_08 (Mantis)

10 RedBlood.gif Red Blood - moc_fild20 (Scorpion)

10 WindofVerdure.gif Wind of Verdure - yuno_fild08 (Grand Peco)

Level Requirements: Job 30+

1. Talk to Meow at gef_tower 116 36.

Pick Now I'm sleepy too. and then Sure, I'd like to learn a new skill.


2. Talk to Simon Mayace at prt_in 81 99.

Pick I want to learn about push backs.


3. Return to Meow and give the items that you gathered.


4. Now you've learned SightBlaster.pngSight Blaster Skill~!




Okaii later guys. If u hav any suggestions or problems.. just comment..

i'll try to reply.. :3




I updated this for Fire Dragon /wow

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LOL finally someone make this guide.

Thanks for the trouble that caused by my stupidity of a over-addicted in RO nowadays so I barely can fix my old guide ._.

Btw AFAIK Crusader platinum quest is changed for Shrink.

I've tested but damn the screenshot is in my under-repaired desktop computer x_x

Maybe I'm gonna add it here since I'm too lazy to redo my old guide :P

Thankies again~

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A note on the close confine, you can just warp directly to the NPCs you don't have to bother with the stupid door puzzle. I was looking for a close confine guide and found one but the words were different for the passwords, so I just warped directly to the NPCs and it worked just fine.

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A note on the close confine, you can just warp directly to the NPCs you don't have to bother with the stupid door puzzle. I was looking for a close confine guide and found one but the words were different for the passwords, so I just warped directly to the NPCs and it worked just fine.

oww.. oki.. i'll just edit it then..

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weird? i got the sonic acceleration with only one ruby on my hand? and automatically got the venom knife right after my assassin change job quest...

which ruby?? from the quest or an ordinary ruby??.. :huh:

anyways.. gud for u den.. xD

u got both..

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