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Ice Necklace Quest


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Ice Necklace Quest

Required Items:

1 Hammer [2] ra_in01 174 386 from Rachel Weapon Dealer

5 Rough Winds Wind Ghost gl_step

1 Blank Scroll yuno_in03 175 23 from Scroll Merchant

Quest Rewards: 700,000 Base Experience Points, summon Ice Salamander Ktullanax (MVP), and, of course, a coupon point~! :D


1. Talk to Sincere Follower Urstia at rachel 156 183. She will start off the conversation by praising the goddess Freya, you must respond with “Freya? I’d like to know more.”

rachel 156 183

2. Apparently, she needs to offer a necklace for Freya to appease the goddess for her son’s illness, but she needs the necklace to be polished before she can offer it. She will ask you to look for a man called Maheo, so choose “Alright, I’ll do it.” You will then receive the Ashy Necklace.


3. Warp to ice_dun02 120 105 and there you will find an NPC stuck in ice, this guy is actually Maheo. He will ask you to find his master so he can get out of the ice.

ice_dun02 120 105


4. His master is Hamion located at rachel 264 98. He will ask you to bring 1 Hammer [2] (ra_in01 174 386), 5 Rough Winds from Wind Ghost (gl_step), and 1 Blank Scroll (yuno_in03 175 23). After giving him the materials, you will receive Hammer of Wind.

rachel 264 98


5. Warp back to ice_dun02 120 105. Using the hammer, you will be able to release Maheo from his ice prison. He will clean the old necklace, and then you will get a Sparkling Necklace. You will also receive four Freezing Snow Powder, which you will be using later.


6. Go back to Sincere Follower Urstia at rachel 156 183 to return the necklace. She will give you 700,000 Base Experience points.



7. Now, warp to rachel 113 97 to talk to Mohadian. He will ask you to bring him Glacial Hearts which is dropped by almost all the monsters in Ice Dungeon (Ice Titan, Snowier, and Siroma). It doesn’t matter how many you give him, it would not affect the quest at all. He will pay you 375 zeny for each Glacial Heart you bring to him.


8. Using the Freezing Snow Powder that you got from Maheo, put out the four Blazing Fire around the center of ice_dun03. The coordinates of the four Blazing Fire are:

• ice_dun03 (126 126)

• ice_dun03 (172 126)

• ice_dun03 (172 172)

• ice_dun03 (172 126)


9. Click each one of the Blazing Fire, and make sure you have all the Freezing Snow Powder.

NOTE: If another person did this quest before you, you are going to have to wait for about two hours before the blazing fire will appear again.

Before clicking the blazing fire

These two text boxes should appear after clicking the fire

After clicking the blazing fire

Notice how the little flame thing disappearred~!

After you have finished, the MVP Ktullanax will appear.

NOTE: You DO NOT have to beat this MVP in order to get a coupon point. But since you summoned him there, you might as well get rid of him. ;)

Hope this helped! It gave me a coupon point, so I hope it gives you one too. This is my first guide, so constructive criticisms, comments and kudos are all welcome~ :blush:

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Haha, thanks for this guide - I'm very forgetful, so it helped remind me! What fun it was to kill with my HighWizard.. LORD OF VERMILION! JUPITEL THUNDER!

But perhaps you should add Ktullanux's stats and drops? I can provide them if you need it.

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