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Multi-Autolooting Tip


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What i mean about multi-autolooting is hunting for two stackable items at once, it's like when you want to hunt for golds as well as DBs..

Since you can't @ali more than one item you can't really do multi-autolooting..

So, the idea is to fill your inventory up until you have no space at all

note: you have to have at least 1-of-each stackable item that you wanna hunt..


what you wanna do is buy Backpacks and Rocker Glasses.. (since they're weightless and all)

the Pet Groomer can be found in Prontera, 218 211...

[he's the one on the picture above and below]

it's gonna take a while so you need a little patience..=.=

when it's all filled up it'll look something like this


after filling your inventory up set your @autoloot to 100 then start hunting..=p

In my case im hunting for Yellow Herbs, Green Herbs and Ygg-Leaves


notice how the three appears directly in my inventory while the other items drop dead on the ground..-.-

people might know bout this already but hey, im bored..=.=

hope SOMEONE likes it..=p

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lol, dun get it.... xD

Its easy, u fill up your inventories limit and have atleast 1 item thats stackable that u want to pick up in your inventory so when it drops it gets picked up atomatically if you set up your autoloot percentage higher than your desired item's percent drop rate. he happen to pick backpacks and glasses because they are weightless so you can carry more of your desired item.

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