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End's not so good SL guide!


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Ok well to start this of, I'd like to say this is my first guide so it may not be too good. :|



Then leave.

This guide is dull and boring.

Ok. Well now to actually start the guide...

This guide is mainly for battle/linker soul linkers.

Equips will be discussed EXTREMELY briefly. So if you looking for equips, you cam to the wrong place.


This is my build and I'm actually doing good. I can kill paladins and any magic class. (Well no duh on the magic part.) I can also kill some non asura champs. Actually I can kill Asura only champs to. ;o



Vit:1 lol




Yes I am an offensive Soul linker, with no str. This will beexplained later on.


Get all the links. (Don't get them all to 5...)

Es and Ka skill are your friends.

And the skill you MUST, absolutly MUST need is lvl 10 Enjoyable Rest.

BRIEF Equips:

For wepon, I would reccomend Ice Pick. Even though you won't really be using a wepon, it comes in handy.

Sheild, get a GTB. If you don't feel like spamming Kaite, just get a GTB.

Armor: Either Tao or GTB. Soul linkers have EXRTREMELY LOW HP.

Hat: Don't really know, I just use some nice looking headgears. xD

Footgear: Get slotted shoes with a green ferus card. the +10% maximum HP comes in handy.

Honestly, I have nothing else equiped. I am doing just fine with the listed above equips.

Ok, now how to kill people!


Spam Kaupe. Just keep button smashing it until they kill themselves with sac.

All magic using classes:

Spam Kaite. :D

To kill Final Strike Ninjas, just have Kaupe on, they will Final Strike you and iss. Then hit them.

For Asura Champs, bascially same thing with Final Strike Ninjas, except you must use a skill to kill them.

Ok now, for that skill I listed just above, goto ama_dun04 and kill Tengus. Get all the Lvl 5 Earth Strike Scrolls you can find. Find another Soul linker or Taekwon class. Make sure you have 80% SP or Less. Sit next to the Taekwon class and spam /doridori Look to your right until you see a hand with the peace sign on your status bar. This allows you to cast Earth Spike for 30 minutes without using a scroll. (MUST have atleast one in your invent.) There is a .01% chance for this scroll to dissapere.

Welp thats basically it. I'll add more to it frequantly.

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-gtb goes on shield, not armor. i think you meant gr.

-this is not a battle build, lol. neither is it offensive.

-relying on the other person to be stupid enough to kill themselves through spamming self damaging skills is uhh....lol.

-the only way you're doing damage afaik is earth spike scroll. gtb = you can't do anything but stay alive.

-ice pick w/ no str = what? why not get something that could be of use. lets say, cursed dagger for harassment.

nice try though.

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Oh yeah, whoops I did mean Gr.

I made this guide in like 5minutes last night. I still have a lot more to add later today. So yeah, I haven't posted most of the builds I use or the other ones that are effective. I'll edit it later because I am very busy at the momment.

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Stormy Knight, Lord of death, bloody knight and metaling card in a 4s weapon. Prolly a main gauche to use up less agi for aspd

Then, a GTB in shield

Dark Lord/amon ra in boots (If you use BM, get use to equip switch)

Kasa in garment or any card you think would be usefull. like damage reducing cards.

Tao in armor

1 wikebine and 1 pneuma(forgot his name) card in access

Make sure you have all ka spell maxed, including Kaina.


enough dex for PERMA instant cast. Don't forget to ajust ur dex to quagmire.

max int

enough agi for max aspd

99 str(berry/seed) and if there's any points left

throw it in vit

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