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Tokiko Kirihama in~

Yush i know alot of people see me in PvP. Not trying to be showoffy, but i see alot of ninjas in PvP having trouble so i decided to give out my builds/info :D

7337 leveling (I got maxed in 38 minutes)

When your a novice, get your novice starter kit and get headed to Prontera/Rachel. Open the pack up which is found int he Items section of your inventory and get the EQs. Put them on and head to pay_fild04

@warp pay_fild04 *Speacial Grafix*

Kill 2 porings, 2 poporings and then a maring. You should be around level 45-50 or so. Your status should be 1 intelligence for every 10 dex.

@go 0 *Speacial Grafix*

Talk to job change person. Turn into a ninja (at the bottom)

@warp pay_fild04 *Speacial L33t Graf!x*

Kill 2-3 poporings. Put all your points into dexterity.

@warp pay_dun01-02 *Speacial Grafix*

Try to kill everything in sight. When you get 150 dex and about 20-30 dex. You have passed the first test of the ninjar (ninja yar)

@warp lou_fild01 *You get it*

Use Flaming Crimson Blossoms on everything you see. Get to at least level 100-110 before you proceed.

@warp ice_dun02-03 *yawn*

Use Wind Blade or North Wind to kill ice titans or snowiers. Wind Stones can be purchases through the Tool Dealer (Prontera>Market Warper>Mall>Tool Dealer>Ningu Tool Dealer

@warp thor_v03 *omg*

The semi-final part of your quest :D

Use Lightning Spear of Ice on the salamanders. You might want to skip out on the Kasa till later because they have high mdef. You should be level 230 or so when you find this is very tireing. Time for your final part

@warp lhz_dun03 *finnaly*

You need to use every element you can here. When i say every, i mean EVERY. Use every skill you have so far to kill everything in sight. Run away if you see the wizards. If you see a MVP, it's ur lucky day. Consider yourself done leveling.

7337 Skills

Level 10 Throwing Practice

Level 5 Throw Shuriken

Level 5 Throw Kunai

Level 5 Mist Slash

Level 5 Shadow Jump

Level 5 Shadow Slash

Level 1 Hide (Smokie Card)

Level 5 Reverse Tatami

Level 10 Ningu Training

Level 10 Lightning Spear of Ice

Level 10 Flaming Cherry Blossoms

Level 7 Water Escape Field

Level 5 Falling Ice Pillar

Level 10 Wind Blade

Level 5 Soul

Level 10 Final Strike

*I think i got them all*


Magic Ninja

50-60 Attack

150 Dexterity

200 Intelligence

200 Vitality

The rest into Agility

195 ASPD

*new update includes that agility depends on how much your skill delay is. AKA moar spam if you have 195 aspd



Valkyrie Helmet Undecided or Stability

+4 Nebula Aura of True Sight

+7 High Risk Glittering Jacket

+7 Green Shoes

+7 Immune Manteau

+10 Piercing Double Boned Freezing

+4 Cranial Valkyrie Shield

Hiding Clip

Clairvoyant Clip


Goibnes Set


+4 Immune Manteau

+4 Ice Pick

That's all i could think of. I'm going to add more later


Kirihama, Tokiko


Kirihama, Leo

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Maya Purple


Tao Gunka



Incantation Samurai

Fallen Bishop Hibram

I thought Thanatos and Incantation Samurai card did the same thing? Or am I thinking of something else?

Edit: 12 days later, its not that old! T_T

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