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The Ultimate Creator Guide

Nathan Zerk

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Well guys, I came from another server, and my Creator owned. So here's my guide, and please tell me If I get something wrong. I have quit RO, and I just wanna pass some knowledge down. Hope you enjoy!

ll Builds ll

The most common build is just for spamming Acid Demonstration, but when they put on GR, you need a backup. On my other server we used scrolls, but there are other ways. Some change element and use mammonite. But I never did this, I think cold hard spam beats all. Creators are all about the reductions. Get everybit you can.

ll Items ll

For AD build you need this:

Upper - Masque Of Darkness (If have them)

Mid - Anything (Maya P) -(In my other server we used Med Patch, Level 5 heal, and basco's but I don't think they have them in this server).

Lower - Anything

Armor - Valk Armor, use Tao Gunka, If irch. If you are not rich, then use elemnted armor. Get poisen, water, GR and holy.

Manteau - Use Wool Scarf with a choice of Assasin Cross Card / Or Anti-Sniping (Can't remember that card)

Weapon - Grimtooth (This is good because then you can have higher vit without thana or ice pick affecting you. If you do not want to do this you can use a Combat Knife for the 10%.

Boots - Tidal Shoes (Use Wool Scarf + Tidal Boots combo always)

Sheild - Valk Sheild - Horn, Maya, GTB, and Thara Frog. I mostly used; GTB and Thara. but it is your choice if you wanna swap around.

Accesory - use Four Leaf Clover (Could someone please tell me the card)

ll Stats ll

The stats for a Creator is simple. It has been a long time since I have made a creator, so if there are errors they will be here. I cannot tell you all the stats because my other server was level 500. But here's what you need.

Str - Get some strength for carrying bottles and for making them. If you are going to be a mammonite build then use more str.

Vit - If you are grimtooth get some vit, if you are a reduce creator (using the Combat Knife, get less vit)

Int - Int should be maxed. This is essential for Acid Demonstration.

Dex - Make sure that you are instant, because AD is all about the hard spam.

Luk - Maybe some luck (Not as important) for freeze and curse.

Agi - Make sure you have 195 attack speed, because you need this for maxed spam.

Okay, there's the stats you need.

ll Items In Inventory ll

You should have:

GTB or Thara, Maya Horn. (All in Valk Sheilds).

Have elemented armor, I will talk about this later. Holy Armor,

Ghostring Armor, Poisen Armor, Water Armor.

Blue Potions

Elemental Changes (If Mammonite)

Acid and Grenade Bottles

Glistening Coats

Pet food for Homonuclus (Or in Cart)

Assumptio Scrolls (But I don't think they're in this server)

THIS IS IMPORTANT: You need to have Devilling Card on a Wool Scarf

Hasty Tidal Boots

Horong Card on Accessory

Marine Sphere Card on Accessory

All your spare gear:

Assasin Cross Card etc...

ll Tactics ll

Okay guys, there is some skill to being a creator.

As soon as you get into PvP, chuck on your buffs and do an FCP (Can't be stripped). Okay, then go Homonuclus Emergency Avoid. Now, What I got you to get the elemted armor before is because when you have your tao on and you get half HP, switch to an elemented armor, this acts as a extra half HP. Okay, well If you see a mage or a professor put on your GTB. Now chuck up a wall of fog. (this means they hit less times). This was my favourite move, I always used it. Now spam and spam. Now for creators use tao and then when your HP gets to halfway change to Ghostring. Another item that is useful that you should wear is a Ghostring card, now with a GR and Ghostring you can reduce the enemy's AD to almost nothing, (Especially when you have low vit).

Versing assasin cross you use the same technique as before, use wall of fog and then they can hardly use SBK. If they are a crit type and they come up in cloaking, forget the wall of fog, use this technique. You put on Hasty Tidal Boots then go Emergency Avoid. Have a horong card in your accessory, and then zoom over with sight on past them and then AD them. This may take a while to get the hang of. It just takes time.

Sac pally's are fun to kill on this because their high vit means that Acid Demonstration hits a heap more. It's great. If they try to use a cloaking card on you, use my tactic as with the sinx and zoom past them with sight on. Ninja's, creator's nightmare class. I assume that Ninja has reverse tatami like in Blackout RO. This means that long range physical misses. Which is Acid Demonstration. They also have crimson fire formation, which means that you cannot run up to them and try to use mammonite with elemented armor on. So I suggest that you stay clear of ninja's or make them your friend. Alternatively you can log anther class like sinx or a professor and own them.

Monk's. As you know classes you can use pneuma may be good against creator's but this is what you do. Monk's and priest's cannot chuck pneuma's one cell apart from each other. So this where you need the marine sphere card. You go up to them and use Magnum Brek, pushing them back and then Spam away. If you have a sinx card it is good to get close to them without them hitting you, but yeah.

Use your normal tactics on all the other characters.

I hope you like my small guide. I will be making a larger improved one, but I don't have much time at the moment.

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Creators cannot use Wall of Fog :P.


Please remove the server's name in your guide, it's counted as advertising in some form.

As for the upper headgear, the ideal choice is to have a Valkyrie Helm or Dark Lord Helm instead of the Masque Of Darkness, which we don't have here.

Lower would be Nebula aura :).

For the weapon, you can consider using Bazerald for the +5INT bonus.

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Thanks for the tip, Voda. But I am certain that the bazerald is an absaloute waste. You either be a reduce with the combat knife, or the Grimtooth for the extra HP. Hope to get more reply's!

P.S I cannot put in screenshots mainly because I am retired from RO.

Thanks a heap

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Eh. Nice guide I guess. There's a few things I would change though.

~Good armor to use is Meteor Plate. You should only have about 110 vit, and that makes you a tad easy to stun. Meteor Plate adds resistance to stun and freeze.

~Having a few more points in INT doesn't really change your AD much. I only have 165 int and I pwn just fine. It's more about being versitile, because so many out there have Deviling, Ghostring, and low VIT. So try picking up a Gauche with 2 hydra and 2 skel workers. Or Mjolnir(my personal fav for the added dex it gives)

~Instead of bothering to get a Marine Sphere card for magnum break, just use Cart Revolution on Pneuma. It knocks them back without wasting a slot.

~Good garment to wear is Valkyrie's Manteau. 5% reflect damage, and more added if you refine it. So if you managed to get a +10 manteau, that's 25% reflect damage. Nice, eh?

~A good card to have in armor is definately Garm. 50% chance to freeze, and so the person attacking has to either give up their GR and wear unfrozen, or face getting double damage when they freeze from AD.

~Having Lightning Elemental Converters, a good dagger/mace, and two Megingjards comes in very handy. Us biochemists have to make our own bottles these days, and it's just a waste to do 900 AD on someone. Use some muscle and Mammonite the crap out of their GR/Deviling wearing butts.

~A good homunculus to have for combat is Lif. You can call her, do Emergency Avoid, and rest her again for the next time you need a boost in speed. She also makes good target practice, and has saved my bacon a lot because of that.

~Keep the upper hand by keeping your distance. AD has good distance. If you can stun lock someone in place with AD, then they can't get to you. If they do, it's a good idea to have Sinx card in your manteau so that you can cloak and get your distance.

~Get Evil Snake Lord into a nebula or sunnies. Being cursed slows you down and takes away that advantage of distance really fast.

A very well thought out guide though, despite a few little personal preferences I would have changed. Keep up the good work. ^^;

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