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Things you should NOT say before, during, after, or while attempting to kill steal


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I know there have been many people who have gotten kills stolen from them.

I know that many of the people that DO kill steal will probably not read this or the rules for Gathering at any time present or future.


Before i get started i will give an example for you all to follow:

Now many people have gone out and kill mobs to get that taming item needed for your rare cute pet right? Then you get it and the hard part comes along. Finding the monster in one of the large maps in ragnarok.

Well i was feeling good today when i found a Zealotus no problem, warped in right next to it. To make things easier for my taming chance i got rid of the slaves around her. When finished with that i tried to tame with the item and failed, tried again and failed twice. So now im out of taming item, i try to have the zealotus follow me while i try to get some more of the taming item. I come across a sinx who is atking a mob and i try to make the zealotus turn around and follow me back away from him. as soon as i start walking away the sinx comes forward and atks the zealotus quickly stopping. Although he stops his pet does not, and while it still atks he asks, "Can I?". before i could answer the pet kills the Zealotus and he autoloots it. Now im pissed rite then and there, and angrily i yell at him. His response first is to drop the items then says, "take the drops". I dont take them and he then says, "i wont do it again". Hell no he wont do that again the damn respawn is 30 minutes to an hour!!

I realize that is a long background story but i hope it gets my point across. I can tell there have been similar situations so i hope you guys can promote everybody to read this so that nobody will kill steal ever again.


Do Not Say These Phrases BEFORE/ While Attempting To Kill Steal:

1. Is this mine?

2. you need this?

3. what does this drop?

4. i need this more than you

5. what are you doing?!?!

6. dont ks me noob

7. stop thats mine


Do Not Say These Phrases During A Kill Steal:

1. stop noob

2. its mine!!

3. get away kser

4. go away


Do Not Say These Phrases After A Kill Steal:

1. noob dont try that again

2. i wont do it again

3. im sorry take the items

4. was that yours?

5. were you tryin to ks me

6. noob

7. reported


I know that this may be a little outdated since we have the @noks command which delivesr a warning, but there are still some people who do not use it or dont know about it. Also if you wish to post what has been said to you before, during, or after a KS (attempted, accomplished or failed) please do so and i will update the list.

***Monsters that shouldn't be bothered***

Monsters that are official cute pets should not be bothered unless there are enough in the area and the respawn rate is quick enough so that when someone comes along to look for it there is one available. Monsters which are featured as custom pets on this server should not be bothered unless they attack you first, are part of a quest, or follow the same principle as stated above.

To check the respawn rates of a monster go to Rate My Server, it is reliable and much of the information is accurate and can generally be found too apply on our server.

As with the phrases above if you think a certain monster should not be bothered unless needed, post your suggestion here and i will update this thread when i see it.

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What about when people are hunting stuff like, unripe apples from poring, of course they use AOE and kill every single poring they kill to get those apples, so u cant blame them when they kill a monster of high spawn rate

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Monsters that are official cute pets should not be bothered unless there are enough in the area and the respawn rate is quick enough so that when someone comes along to look for it there is one available.


i did not say to blame them

they should look before blindly casting an area spell

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