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~ Puchucharutan Quest ~


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Puchucharutan Quest

Requirements:: Mr. Smile, 1 Red Gemstone, 1 Blue Gemstone, 1 Yellow Gemstone, [10 oil paper, 5 slick paper, 1 feather of birds, 1 squid ink.] <---Language Quest

Rewards:: Access to Refined Elemental Stone and Raw Elemental Stone & of course a coupon point!

Mr.Smile -> Smile Assiastant prontera 158 187

o 10 Jellopy -> Poring prt_fild05

o 10 Fluff -> Fabre gef_fild07

o 10 clover -> Fabre gef_fil07

1 Red Gemstone -> Salamander thor_v03

1 Blue Gemstone -> Magic Item Seller yuno 163 187

1 Yellow Gemstone -> Picky moc_fild10

10 Oil Paper ->Karakasa ama_fild01

5 Slick Paper ->Karakasa ama_fild01

1 Squid Ink -> Marse iz_dun02

1 Feather of Birds -> Picky moc_fild10

1. Talk to the Village Leader um_in 40 122 to do the Language test. You'll need to wear Mr.Smile and he'll ask you to bring him 10 oil papers, 5 slick papers, 1 squid ink and 1 feather of birds.

um_in 40 122


2. Bring the three gemstones to umbala 219 188 and click on the skull at the door. You'll have the option in trying which gemstone to put it, so choose any if it doesn't fit it'll pop out and you can try another.

umbala 219 188


3. Talk to Puchucharutan inside um_in 44 70.

um_in 44 70


4. Go to the Village Leader um_in 40 122 and give him the Mr. Smile.

um_in 40 122


5. Go back to Puchucharutan um_in 44 70 and talk to him. Then you're done~<3

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