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~~~Bruspetti Quest~~~


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Bruspetti Quest

Requirements:: Knife [3]

Rewards:: Coupon point & Base experience

Quest Requirements:: Friendship Quest

Buy the knife at the Weapon Shop in Prontera at prt_in 172 130 or keep the one you got from the Friendship Quest. *Nods* :3

1. Talk to Katinshuell at ra_in01 235 194

ra_in01 236 194


2. Talk to Mr. Shendar at ra_in01 250 20

ra_in01 250 20


3. Talk to Lachellen at rachel 72 244 and she mentions how she's jealous of Bruspetti and her new boyfriend. o-o;

rachel 72 244


4. Go back to Katinshuell ra_in01 235 194 and he'll say that he just broke up with his girlfriend.

5. Fly back to Mr. Shendar ra_in01 250 20 and he'll talk about how he misses his daughter.

6. Next head to the hotel at Lighthalzen; in the room upstairs at lhz_in02 208 209 a message box will appear saying you smell roses.


7. Back to Lachellen rachel 72 244 and she'll say how she isn't surprised because Bruspetti was travelling to Lighthalzen. Time to visit the place where her and her boyfriend use to hang out~!

8. Hop over to rachel 265 47, the lake where the two loves use to spend their time. A chat should pop up with the grandma warning you of falling in.

rachel 265 47


9. Back at Mr.Shendar's ra_in01 250 20 he is surprised the Bruspetti went to Lighthalzen and starts wondering if he should read her diary. So take a gander at it ra_in01 253 23.

ra_in01 253 23


10. Zoom back to Katinshuell ra_in01 235 194 when he asks what you want reply with. "Bruspetti", then ask him about "Lighthalzen" and finally "Freya's Spring"

11. Zip over to Lachellen rachel 72 244 and reply with "Freya's Spring".

12. Now waddle on over and talk to the Grandma by the lake at rachel 265 35.

rachel 265 35


13. Head back to Mr.Shendar ra_in01 250 20 he beats you up thinking that you're Bruspetti's boyfriend. o-o; He realizes who you are and lets you read Bruspetti's Diary. So grab it at ra_in01 253 23

14. Warp back to Katinshuell ra_in01 235 194 and confront him with the truth. This is where the knife comes into play. Make sure you have it before you talk to him. "Lighthalzen", "Recent Break Up", then "Freya's Spring". Keep talking to him till he tells you to leave him alone. He explains that he was the one that killed Digotz and indirectly Bruspetti.

15. Go back to the Grandma rachel 265 35 and talk to her. Afterwards walk over to the spot by the lake north of her to trigger another dialogue box. Talk to it again and then you're done~~<3~!

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