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Einbroch Murder Quest


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¤•Einbroch Murder Quest•¤♣

Edited: June 14 2009

I fixed the locations of the NPCs and improved it a little. so yea. Hav fun questing.. :]

Quest Item Requirement:

* apple.gifApples - can be bought in airship (airplane 51 66)


* Around 300K experience

* Cqp.gif Quest coupon point

Quest Prerequisite:

* Einbroch Factory Quest - https://gatheringro.com/community/index.php?sho...amp;#entry89148

♦ 1. Talk to a Young Man in einbech 58 211. He’ll refer you to an old man in the pub.

Young Man einbech 58 211


♦ 2. The old man he’s referring to is Buender Hikeman, einbech 164 106.

He’s drunk and he’s angry to anyone that he sees.

He’ll mistake you for his friend that betrayed him and his friends while working on a mine.

Then, he’ll tell you about his story, just go along and pretend that you are what he think he is.


(1) “What are you talking about?”

(2) “nothing..?”

Then talk to him again and respond:

(3) “How did you survive the accident?”

(4) “I’d like to apologize.”

At the end Hikeman will mention Shinokas.

Buender Hikeman einbech 164 106


♦ 3. You’ll suspect Shinokas as the Sick Old Man you met at the inn.

Talk to him until he tells you the truth. Ask him the same questions then change your question.

:excl:He is really stubborn so yea be patient with him. <_<

He’ll then slipped and tell you everything. You’ll learn that someone is hunting him down but he doesn’t know who it is.

His first suspect are the Cableren Family, who is the richest in Einbech town.

Talk to him until he wants you to find Kappelthaine Manor.

LOCATION: At the second floor of the Hotel: einbroch 252 200. Go down to the 2nd room. You'll find him.

Sick Old Man ein_in01 230 164


♦ 4. Talk to the Maid (Kappelthaine Manor) in einbroch 126 229.

She’ll tell you she knows nothing about the mysterious mineral.

:excl: Note: Immediately move to the south room upon entrance.

The father will kick you out of the house if you go near him.

Just scroll up the mouse until you can see the Maid.

Kappelthaine Manor ein_in01 32 134


♦ 5. Go back to the Sick Old Man then tell him that you found nothing.

He’ll ask you to go next to the factory.

LOCATION: At the second floor of the Hotel: einbroch 252 200. Go down to the 2nd room.

Sick Old Man ein_in01 230 164


♦ 6. You have to do the Einbroch Factory Quest.

*Also gives Cqp.gif coupon point. ;):excl:If you already did, do the next step.



♦ 7. Go back or Just talk to Sick Old Man twice if you finished Step. 6.

LOCATION: At the second floor of the Hotel: einbroch 252 200. Go down to the 2nd room.

Pick Laboratory. Suggest to investigate next to the Research Laboratory.

Sick Old Man ein_in01 230 164


♦ 8. Warp to the Laboratory located in einbroch 53, 51.

You have to 'sneak in'. The door at the laboratory will now request a password.

You have to be fast to enter the password within 60 seconds.

Copy each words in the sentences. **every comma, space, apostrophes, etc should be copy*

*Its kinda hard.. well for me.. I always got 75 seconds* onion_msn_smilies-20.gif

Following are the full list of pairings(one is used twice):

* burrdingdingdilidingdingphoohudaambandoorabambarambambamburanbamding

* burapaphurarlandreamduranbatuhiwooikabamturubamdingding

* belief love luck grimace sweat rush folktale rodimus optimus burnblebe

* LiGhTsPeEd RiGhT SPEed leFT TURn RiGhT BuRn OrIGInAL GaNgSteR SmACk

* You give me no choice. I guess it's time for me to reveal my secret...

* fReeDoM eCstAcy JoUrnaLiSm ArMpit DisCoverY hEaDaChE MoonbeAmS jUsTiCE

* Coboman no chikara-yumei na chikara-daiookii na chikara da ze! COBO ON

* hfjdkeldjshfjdjeiskdlefvbd

* I'm the King of all Weirdos! Now you know of my true power. Obey~!

* uNflAPPaBLe LoVaBLe SeCreTs AnD BoWLiNg aGaINST tHe KarMA of YoUtH

* By the power of p-po-poi-po-poi-poin-poing GOD-POING. I NEVER LOSE!

* uNflAPPaBLe LoVaBLe SeCreTs AnD BoWLiNg aGaINST tHe KarMA of YoUtH

* ...silence. quiet benevolence... soul mate... wonder. enigma... cloud.

* opeN,Open!op3n.openOpen0p3nOpEn0pen`open'0Pen open?open!111OPENSESAME

Laboratory, einbroch 53, 51


♦ 9. Look for the Scientist.

Then, take a look at the Unknown Stuff which is near from the Scientist.

He’ll tell you that his master is always drunk and busy gambling in the Casino of airship.

Go see him.

Scientist ein_in01 255 35


♦ 10. Buy approximate 1000 apple.gifApples to Meltz, airplane 51 66.

Meltz airplane 51 66


♦ 11. Talk to the Drunken Man, airplane 30 78.

*If he doesn't win yet, just keep giving him apple.gifApples until he wins. ;)

:excl: Note: Put the 900 apples in your storage and leave like 100 apples

because he's gonna get it all if you put all of your apples in your inventory.

Drunken Man, airplane 30 78


♦ 12. When he finally win the game, ask him about what he was shouting awhile ago - the Ymir’s heart.

Because, he’s drunk, he’ll tell you everything he knows. :rolleyes:

♦ 13. Go back to Shinokas and you found him dying.

*Nuu~!! ahuhuhu.. he's dying now..so sad* sob.gif

But he deserved it too though.. he betrayed his friends -_-

Those who are hunting him have found him.

Before he dies, he’ll ask for forgiveness for what he did to his friends.

And he’ll also ask you what is the piece of mineral that they have found.

Type this : The heart of Ymir

LOCATION: At the second floor of the Hotel: einbroch 252 200. Go down to the 2nd room.

Sick Old Man ein_in01 230 164


♦ 14. Go to Buender Hikeman and inform him about the death of his friend Shinokas.

He’ll then realized that he lived his life in vengeance and now that his friend is dead.

Buender Hikeman, einbech 164 106


You just received experiences.

And you got a Cqp.gif coupon point~~!! :3


Okaii later guys. If u hav any suggestions or problems.. just comment..

i'll try to reply.. :3



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i dont get the part where you ask the sick old man the questions

ive keep on asking all 3 question over and over, but it seem doesnt do much, except tell that he isnt tellin the truth

edit: nvm, i just needed to keep harassing him :P

yea.. tht old man is so stubborn... <_<

tht's why i hate dis quest coz of him..

lol.. just kip bugging him until he give up >:D

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Alright, so I wasn't very impressed with this guide...you can't do @warop in einbroch anymore so the locations of the NPC's were a bit difficult to find since there was no real direction to where they were. Maybe it's just me, I don't know.

I'm just having problems with the dumb security check thing for the Lab. I type it fast enough and I don't make any errors, but it keeps denying me. Anyone have some helpful input?

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