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Help Mr. Zabaroo Quest Guide


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Help Mr. Zabaroo Quest

Level Requirement: None

Item Required: 5 Steel, 5 Maneater Root, 2 Glacial Heart

Quest Requirement: None

Quest Rewards: Coupon Point & 3 Elunium

Repeatable: No.

Welcome to my third guide everyone. I bring to you, another coupon point quest guide! Enjoy!


1. Start the quest by talking to Zabaroo, ve_fild05 (257, 130).


2. Choose the option "Gosh, how bad is it?" when it becomes available and continue talking to him. When you are presented with more options, choose the option "Nothing".


3. Zabaroo tells you to go find a friend of his. You can find him in ve_in (169, 310)


4. When you talk to him, be sure to choose the option "...........". Choosing the first option will result in you being thrown out and losing some HP.


5. After the experiment the scientist was working on fails, he will ask you what you want. Pick the option "I'm here for Mr. Zabaroo..."


6. He will then ask you if you have the materials. If you have gotten the materials I've listed above, than pick "Yes.". If not, pick "What materials...?".


7. Absar will ask you to bring him 5 Steel, 5 Maneater Roots, and 2 Glacial Hearts.


8. You can find Steel from Dimiks and Venatus in jupe_core. You can find Maneater Roots from Geographer's in ein_fild04. You can find Glacial Hearts from Ice Titans and Gazeti's in ice_dun03.


9. Talk to Absar once you have everything gathered and talk to him again to receive the device.


10. Now head back to Zabaroo and give him the device. He will test it out and then send you on another errand to the factory.


11. Find the Factory Manager, ve_in02 (36, 28).


12. Choose the option "I've brought these..." when available. Then the Factory Manager will direct you to one of the workers.


13. Find the Factory Worker, ve_in02 54, 50. Speak with him.


14. After speaking with the Factory Worker, go back to Zabaroo for your reward.


Congratulations! You have just completed this quest and earned a coupon point! Thank you for reading and I hope this guide helped you!



www.irowiki.org for all the info I dug up on the NPC's warp coordinates.

Paint program for helping me edit screen shots so I can make this guide less confusing.

Veins for providing awesome music while I ran around trying to figure out the quest.

Tweedles for the ingenious design and indirect motivation to make this guide.

I hope you all enjoyed my guide and happy coupon point hunting to all! =)


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Yup. I was surfing through the quest guides in this forum and I found out that there were no quests for Veins and some other cities. Thus, I decided to go prowl around those towns. Curiosity led me to find Mr. Zabaroo by accident. >_< Than I searched ratemyserver and irowiki for some help on the quest.

RO should add a quest window or something for us to keep track of our quests. Hard to remember what quests we are currently on and stuff of the sort.

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