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Coupon Point Quest Directory


Hello everyone! Welcome to the Coupon Point Quest Directory! Since Vvelecio has made two other directories regarding other guides, I've decided to also chip in and aid players who are tearing their heads off trying to find guides that give coupon points.

I will NOT be using the alphabetical order that Vvelecio is following. Instead, I will list the author and put all their guides that relate to a coupon point quest under the name. If you don't like that kind of format, please be sure to complain about it. With enough complaints made, I will reluctantly change the format. =P

NOTE: If you've made a new guide that gets you a coupon point and do not see it in this topic within the first few days, please be sure to post in here and tell me. I'll add it as soon as I can tap on my keyboard.

The links that have the word (BUGGED) next to it would mean I've tried to do the quest but have failed to complete it due to either a missing NPC or a glitch when trying to complete a step.

TIP: Confused on what a Coupon and a Coupon Point does? Check out the link provided below:

Coupon Point Guide

Let us not speak anymore. Let this directory commence! Enjoy!


Last Updated on: January 27 2009

42 out of 110 Coupon Point Quests have a guide.


Stock of Four Dragon Soup Quest

Amatsu Dungeon Quest

Stop the Mad Scientist Quest

Biolabs Quest

Tom Yum Goong Quest (BUGGED)

Lost Child Quest

Friendship Quest

Momotaro Quest


Biological Weapon Quest

Factory Quest

Einbroch Murder Quest

Airship Ticket Quest

Odin Temple Excavation Quest

Juno Remedy Quest

Alchemist Item Gathering Quest

Hide and Seek Quest


Spy Quest

Puchucharutan Quest

Bruspetti Quest

Eisei Melody Xethlex

Hugel Memory Quest

Medicine Quest

Rin Chen Dolphine

7 Tut's Piano Quest

Cat Helm Quest


Comodo Cheese Quest

Help Mr. Zabaroo Quest


Zherlthsh Mask Quest

Dye Quest


Cursed Spirit Quest

President's Quest


Lost Boy Quest (Unavailable)

Xuna's agent

Lovers Quest


Culvert Quest


Pilue Quest (Sometimes gives coupon points, sometimes it doesnt.)


Cooking Advice Quest

Tama Chan

Tempestra Quest

Len No Sekai

Nebula Aura Quest


5 Simple Coupon Point Quest Guide


Geffen Bard Quest


Cooking Quest


Voting Rights Quest

Swift Assassin

Airship Captain Quest

Holly Enix

Pirate Treasure Quest


Rebirth Quest


Ice Necklace Quest

Well, this concludes the directory. I hope you found enough quests to get the desired amount of coupons and make your evolved headgears. If there are any kind of errors or guide that I have missed, please don't hesitate to tell me.


Disclaimer: All of the guides listed above is not guaranteed to grant you a Coupon Point upon finishing the Quest. None of these guides are official.


Search Function for aiding me in my quest to find all the coupon point quest guides in the ocean of guides.

Vvelecio for inspiring me to finish another piece of the puzzle for guides.

Darkest Aeon for a good suggestion to the directory.

Everyone on the list for making their awesome guides to help our community. All of you rock. 😃

Thank you all for checking out this directory and I, once again, hope that this topic has helped you out big time.




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@lornys - I've done the quest and it gave me a coupon point. I'll write down that it works for some and doesn't for others.

@Alexaa - Noob man? DX NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! My new nickname is complete crapzers.D=< *leads a revolt* /gg Oh wells, at least teh noob man helped you out.

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vvelecio for inspiring me to finish another piece of the puzzle for guides.


omg i'm alive to someone! i actually wanted to do the same guide but ran into problems trying

to figure out how i wanted to organize it. anyways, i just wanted to make the guides so that

if i really did want to play here i could micro manage my time so much better. most likely i won't

play here due to my own misdeeds but i probably will still keep my guide updated. so keep yours

updated too.

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I'll be sure to update it as much as possible. =)

You should anchor yourself to this server. It's the most balanced one I've experienced so far out of all the other servers I've played thus far. It's got great people and kick ass WoE's.

Its like a dream come true. =D

I just felt like putting you in the credits as well since you started the directory stuff before I got finished organizing mine. XD

And before I forget, Updated.

If anyone finds problems or errors with anything in my first post, please be sure to tell me about it so I can fix it ASAP.

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@Xoul - I should try PMing one of the mods to get this pinned. =S

@C a s h e s - Lol. I really find no point to making the list go in alphabetical order. In the end, we're just going to do all the quests anyway so why not try to shine some more gratitude towards the authors for making the awesome guides. =P

Bigger letters means better visibility. XD

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Thanks for the information. I've added a warning next to the link to get their attention.

Three new quest guides have been added. Be sure to shower Preia and Wishbone with praise. They are defiently helping this community out by gathering info on the quests.

If you found some error with any of the quests, be sure to notify me in this thread or through PM. I will work on it as soon as possible.

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gahh.. can't create guides ..anymureangelstar-kaos080.gif.. coz all of the quest tht i did are not including in da coupon points..

even though they are not repeatable or sumthing lyk tht..

i just did almost all of it and also the hardest one.. like kiel hyre quest.. but it didnt give any points.. so sad..

as well as da cursed spirit quest and other quests.. sum of the quests are missing sum Npc.

anyways.. glad to help.. i'll just try to find sum mure.. angelstar-kaos039.gif

Endless Chaos you might as well include the hidgir stuffs tht give coupons.. silip.gif

so it can deduct in the 103 coupon point quest.. :lol:

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From what I've heard. They DO give coupon points. You just need to do the quests with a certain class to obtain it.

I'm currently testing the quests with different quests to look for results. You can also help by repeating the same quests with different classes or with the same class to see if it still gives you a coupon point. =)

EDIT - I'll be sure to look into it.

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