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Hide N Seek Quest


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¨·Hide n Seek Quest·¨

Quest Level Requirement: Base Level 50

Quest Item Requirement:

1 steamedcrab.gif Steamed Crab Nippers - Cooking Quest

° cookinbook.gif Level 1 Cookbook Recipe

° 10 nipper.gif Nipper

° 10 greenherb.gif Green Herb

° 1 yellowpotion.gif Yellow Potion

Quest Reward:

* 50,000 Base Experience

* 3 greensalad.gif Green Salads

* 1 cqp.gif Quest coupon point

♦ 1. Talk to Torpy in hugel 108 67.

He’ll cry because his mother and father are missing. Help him to find them.


What's wrong?

Really? Tell me more..

Torpy, hugel 108 67


♦ 2. You can find Torpy’s mother at hu_fild06 191 367.

She’ll ask you to tell Torpy that she’s fine.

Torpy’s mother, hu_fild06 191 367


♦ 3. Talk to Torpy again, this time you have to find his father.

Torpy, hugel 108 67


♦ 4. Click the Suspicious Barrel, hugel 99 175 beside a house in Hugel.

Give the person the steamedcrab.gifSteamed Crab Nippers.

Suspicious Barrel, hugel 99 175


Torpy’s father will appear and he’ll tell you the reason why he’s been hiding for three days.


♦ 5. Talk to Torpy again.

He wants you to inform his mother.

Torpy, hugel 108 67


♦ 6. Go to Torpy’s mother again and she’ll reward you with 50,000 Base Experience and 3 greensalad.gifGreen Salads.

Torpy’s mother, hu_fild06 191 367


Now you got hid4.jpgYummy!! :rolleyes:

and also a cqp.gif coupon point ..




Okaii later guys. If u hav any suggestions or problems.. just comment..

i'll try to reply.. :3



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