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Emosyche's Dropping kitty guide


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Ok im seriously bored,

To wash away my boredom

Im gonna make a guide, a kitty guide! :rolleyes:

How to make a dropping kitty:

300 black cat dolls

1 circlet[1] Slotted!!

1 black dye stuff

1 claw of desert wolf

1) 300 black cat dolls (hard huh!)


Kill these moon thingy at nif_fild02

2)1 circlet Slotted


go to moc_pryd04 and kill isis (uh thier ugly!)

3) Claw of desert wolf


Kill this wolf at moc_fild14(i hate dogs!!!) hahahaha meow~~

4)Black dye stuff

Kill a deviling at yuno_fild04 or make one yourself

Finaly go to morocc 273 79



u got ur DROPPING KITTY (congrats)

Thx 4 reading reply if u want :D

"Emosyche at ur service"

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lol i love how you were almost dying in all of them xD but really, great guide again, i used your other guide to get the kitty ears and i got it in approx 30 mins =D you're so far the best guide-writer out there imo xD *gives you a big 'ole shiny medal*

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@LOL at the desert Wolf post

simple guide and Lori Ruri rofl moon thingy

and just add a bonus... Lori Ruri spawn rate is very little

so it might take a long time and Magic is not going to work much on Lori Ruri so spamming SG might take long

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