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Emosyche's Detective Cap Guide


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Wanna be like Sherlock Homes in gRO?

Well just read my guide and find out

This is my 5th guide hope u enjoy it :D

What you need:

1887 tassels (OMG) :blink:

1 Bucket Hat[1] it should be slotted

10 magnifier

1)Now how to get all of these Tassels, especially 1887 of them <_<

Just go to ayo_dun02 and kill Tamurans has a 100% drops rate so dont worry

i recommend a Wizzard for this (i use my texas Gunslinger because it looks kewl)


2) 1 Bucket Hat[1], it should be Slotted

You can get this at lhz_dun01 from the remover, use any character if you want,

Look at me im in a Pose (lol) :lol:


3) 10 magnifiers

You can buy this in the BlackMarket but why suffer the laggg, u can buy this at izlude_in 166 58


4) Finally warp to lighthalzen 143 68

And tadaa u can finally have your detective cap (hooray!)

Thx 4 reading reply if you can

This is Emosyche at your service

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