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Emosyche's Bunny Band guide


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Hi again

Its another of my guides

But it's not a kitty guide T_T

What u need:

100 feather

1 four leaf clover

1 pearl

1 kitty band (yey kitty! :3) :D

1) 100 feathers, <_<


Just kill every single Picky u find (how sad 4 the poor pickys) at moc_fild10

2)1 four leaf clover :mellow:


Just kill 1 breeze and it drops a four leaf clover (has low spawn rate so keep lookin) at hu_fild04

3)1 Pearl


Its better to kill this than a sea otter, it drops a OBB and it has faster spawn rate, myst cast is at xmas_dun02

4)now for the kitty band (horray!!!!)


Kill some smokies at pay_fild09, drop rate is 10% so keep killin (how sad 4 the cute smokies)

5)finally the last step :)

find this guy:


He's at, alberta 23 232


Finally u get a bunny band (now i can think of another guide again)

Thx 4 reading plz reply if u can

Special thx to:

AkuranTynai My Guild Master

TheDarkEmpire My Guild

To all GatheringRO Players For ur support to the server

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