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In-Depth Quest Guide Directory

This post links up most of the in-depth quest guides made by players of GatheringRO for easy look up


Stop the Mad Scientist Quest - by Tweedles

Momotaro Event Quest - by Tweedles

Stock of Four Dragon Soup Quest - Tweedles

Amatsu Dungeon Entrance Quest - Tweedles

Lost Child Quest - Tweedles

Thanatos Tower Quest - miez

Tom Yum Goong Quest - Tweedles

Friendship Quest Guide - Tweedles

Biolabs Entrance Quest - Tweedles

Lost BOy Quest - WIZkimi

Headgear Quests

Zealotus Mask Quest - by Amour

Black Cat Ears Quest - Dante

Yellow Bandana/Yellow Ribbon Quest - Rhiann

Spiffy's Ultimate Walkthrough to the Baby Chick - Voda


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Current as of February 2 2008

Argatlahm's given me permission to update this thread, since there have been a lot of new quest guides made since it was created. All the links are up, but I've yet to organise all of them properly. Give me a couple of days to get everything in order.


Headgear Creation

Easiest way to get some crunchy toast - by Xilecne

Ultimate Walkthrough to the Baby Chick! - by Voda

So You Want To Make Helm Of Darkness! - by CallmeDave

The Yellow Ribbon/Bandana Quest - by Rhiann

Squirting Poring Quest - by ShadesOfSolomon

So you want a censor bar? - by LoveLovesinx

Pagdayaw Quest - by Tama Chan

Snow Cap Guide~ :D - by Xilecne

The Snow Cap Quest Guide - by Rhiann

Tom Yum Goong Quest Guide - by Tweedles

Domino's Cap Quest Guide - by Sekshee

Easy way to get a Deviling Hatty!!! :D - by Xilecne

Pilule Quest - by iHeart

How to make that Neko Mimi - by iHeart

How to make a Bonnet - by Tama Chan

Cat Helm Quest :3 - by Rin Chen Dolphine

Friendship Quest Guide - by Tweedles

How To Make the Orc Hero Helm - by ShadesOfSolomon

Wandering Minstrel Hat - by Genesis

The Afro Guide - by Chadwick

The Leprechaun Quest - by thethingexe


Quest Points

5 Simplest Quests - by Genesis

God Items / Seals Quest - by Ali

Medicine Quest - by Eisei Melody Xethlex

7 Tut's piano Quest - by Rin Chen Dolphine

Cooking Advice Quest - by H.A.V.O.K

Amatsu Dungeon Quest - by Tweedles

Chef Assistant Shops List - by Sekshee

Pizza Quest - by Sekshee

Hugel Memory - by Eisei Melody Xethlex

Stop the Mad Scientist Quest Guide - by Tweedles

Culvert?.. - by jp23


Job Skills

2nd job Platinum SKill Quest[ - by Fire Dragon

How To Get Magnus Exorcismus - by Cookie Queen

Falcon Calculation - by XHILO


Other Guides

Tips n' Tricks - GatheringRO GM Castle - by Voda

MVP Spawns and Locations - by Ali

The Ice Necklace Quest - by Voda

The Gambling Quest. - by LoveLovesinx


Non-Gameplay Related

Numpad Character Guide for You Guys! - by iHeart

How to Insert a Picture into the Board - by GM Miez


Thanks to everyone who's taken the trouble to share their knowledge and experiences with the forum! Many thanks also to Fire Dragon and Skip for helping me to clear up the mess I made of editing this post. ^^

EDIT: Whilst organising, I seem to have somehow lost the threads I posted under 'job skills' and 'quest points.' I've managed to recover most of them, but I think I might be missing some. If anyone could tell me if they notice a guide that isn't listed here, I would much appreciate it.

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