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Rideword Hat Guide~


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Rideword Hat Guide

Recommended Level: 254 / Or have godly MVPing equipment and can survive a few barrages of attacks

Item requirements: Rideword Card

Rewards: Rideword Hat

Repeatable: Yes

Hello everyone and welcome to my second guide dedicated to the active questers and headgear fanatics! This guide will instruct you on how to obtain the Rideword Hat. Now without further ado, let us commence the guide. Enjoy!


1. Get yourself a Rideword card. Using the @whereis command, the most notable place to hunt them will be c_tower1 with a spawn of 70. With luck, you will be holding the ticket to getting your hat.

2. Warp to Yuno_in01 (169, 95) and speak to the Bookshelf NPC on the right side of the screen.

3. Read the text if you'd like and learn a few things and when it tells you if you want to slot a card into the bookshelf, pick "Yes."

4. A Rideword MVP will spawn in the room and you will have to kill it. (Warning: The Rideword MVP has 8 Million HP and summons Deathwords. Be sure you have several Yggdrasil Berries or a healer nearby if you don't feel confident enough to take it on without any healing support. Also, be sure to use a Non-skill reliant character because you can't use a majority of skills in the building!)

5. Once the Rideword MVP is successfully killed by whoever it is, the Rideword Hat will drop from the bookshelf.


Congratulations! You have just earned yourself a Rideword Hat!


If you find any errors in the guide, please be sure to point it out and it will be fixed ASAP. Thank you for your cooperation.


www.ratemyserver.net for all the info I dug up on the NPC's warp coordinates.

Paint program for helping me edit screen shots so I can make this guide less confusing.

Yuno for tempting me to the city in the first place.

Tweedles for the ingenious design and indirect motivation to make this guide.

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i think its best if u use a sinx or a palla, pallas have high HP and can endure tough damage (not to mention thier Sac rocks), and also sinx does not rely on skills they only use EDP wid a damage of 10K *poof* kills that rideword, thats my suggestion**

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Great guide, now I has me a Rideword Hat. :>

It's rather easy with Snipers, too.

Just buff yourself up with Attention Concentrate, Wind Walk and True Sight before you summon it, then hit it with Oridecon (or whatever would be effective, I dunno it's weaknesses and resistances) arrows until either, 1, you're almost dead, or 2, your buffs run out.

Then go outside, heal with a Ygg berry, rebuff, grab more arrows from storage (it took me about 3000 arrows to kill it), go back in and continue sticking that book full of arrows.

Beware of finger cramps, though. xD It takes awhile, even with 100 crit and max Dex~

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