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At the 24 February 2008, i've started to work on this WorldMap.

Now i'm happy to say, that it's finally done!

All you need to know is written down on the WorldMap, have fun.



If you want to test if the Player Locator really works, so just do the following:

- Go on your favourite Map you want to test

- Open and close again your Storage

- Refresh the WorldMap wink.gif

[Click Me]

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no that will just mean that it'll take longer for the map to retrieve your most recent location this might just be around 1min or so


I see. I tested it and I think it will take 3 minutes to show a player's location.

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Guys: For a proffesor: What do you think looks best ;) (Sorry everade lol gotta see!)

Books or Wands? (You know when you bring your cursor over a player, and you see the image.

Prof: Book or Wand!

I personally think a wand is more Wizard type... Just to check /no1

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Woah, this is really, really cool. Probably the most original thing I've seen on a P-server (if not then pretty damn close). And I'm sure it'll come in handy if someone wants to stalk someone else for kicks XD

No really, it's awesome! Thanks Everade ^3^

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