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My Lion Mask guide =3


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Now how to make that lion mask

EDITED: Now Has Pictures!! =3 meow

And yes its another kitty guide

What you need:

500 Logs

500 Horrendous Hair

2 ancient tooth

10 Elastic Bands

1 orange dyestuff

1 four leaf clover

1)How to get 500 :blink: Logs

just go to mosk_dun01 and its better to use a wizzard for this (i use my favorite SinX)


2)How to get 2 ancient tooth:

(my kitty SinX angain =3)


Ok this is kinnda hard to find so keep lookin just go to iz_dun04 and look for deviase

4)How to get 500 horrendous hairs

now im using a wizzard cuz it was gettin tierd hahaha kill!!!!!

just go to beach_dun to get this (its the only place you can find them)


5)Now 10 elastic bands

This is also hard to find, just go to um_dun02 and find a wootan shooter


6)Now for the four leaf clover:

just go to hu_fild04 and kill a breeze (has a 100% drop rate of four leaf clovers)

7)Lastly for the orange dyestuff

just make one look at Amours guide to making dyes in the guide forums

or find it in a gift box - ancient mimic - tha_t02

8)finaly warp to: payon 135 120

this guy:


and here is goes your very own lion mask:


Well hope this helps again!!

At your service Emosyche (*meow*)

Thx to: GM Rhiann (for guide corrections)

And to my guild: The Dark Empire

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good guide

lemme correct actually add a little information

to make it easy u can get LOG and ELASTIC BAND

at one place

>>>>>>>@warp um_dun02


the bonus of killing the WOODEN GOLEM is u can also get DEAD BRANCH ^^

The ANCIENT TOOTH's kinda irritating as there is only 3 DEVIACE *cough spelling*

so it might take a while *hint the Deviace spawn is in the middle and i dont mean exactly in the middle surrounding it also*

thats about all XD

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