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First warp to "Aling Razon" who is in jawaii 178 162

5 Halo-Halo = 1 pc. of each Ingredients

TO GET THE INGREDIENTS KILL THE NEWLY MADE MONSTER "POURINGS" which are located in every FIELDS. Based on my experience one POURING each fields.


1894lr3.gif POURING


"Like "ANTONIO" the christmas season monster also it teleports and has a low chance to drop many ingredients at once.. Also it drops nothing, patience is needed on this quest.. Enjoy Hunting!!!"



7750dr3.gif x 1


7746ao2.gif x 1


7744mj3.gif x 1


7745ep9.gif x 1


7749ok7.gif x 1


7748ng3.gif x 1


7747cq6.gif x 1


7742uf2.gif x 1


7743ks8.gif x 1

ICE CUBIC from ICE TITAN @ice_dun03

7066fp6.gifice cubic x1

1777qs1.gif ICE TITAN

1789ro0.gif ICEICLE (can drop lots of ice bubic)


519og8.gif x1 from NPC @ izlude 104 93

if you got each ingredients go back to "Aling Razons" to exchange it for HALO-HALO!!

12247ib0.gifHalo Halo *required for the SUMMER EVENT SUIT QUEST*

HALO-HALO item Description:

"A glass of sweetened fruits and desserts served with crushed ice and lots of milk. A Filipino dessert that never fails to help quench the summer heat.

All Stats +3 for 10 minute duration.

Limited to Level 20 or above players."



In order to get the Summer Event Suit you need:

12247ib0.gif HALO-HALO x10

TALK TO THE "BEACH BABE" @ jawaii 213 218

she will ask for 10 HALO-HALO, and will give u ur reward.


charsimdz5.pngFor Girls charsimsc9.pngFor Boys


"Summer limited item. Cool summer outing clothing. When it will put on and the body will fly away and [tus] to be light it is same the qualitative thing."

^_^ thank you for reading my guide.. This is my First Guide i Hope u like it...^_^




Thanks to all "Brethren Guild Members" specially "Lamok" "xCyrus" "TriumpH" for helping me out to make this guide..

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Don't link to ratemyserver.net directly. Save the image and upload 'em in photobucket or imageshack.

And... what exactly is a Halo-halo? lol, I know it in RL. You could type in some info about the item to make this guide a bit longer and a bit less complicated to understand for others. You could also type in what do we use a halo-halo for, if it's required for other quests, etc.

Err, can't say nice guide yet, since it really looks as if you're not done. Good luck completing your first guide. I believe you will make it a good one.

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so, is it only one pouring per fild? and what is their spawn time?

In my experience the spawn time is basically instant, as in instant respawn. I'm not sure about all maps though, but for yuno_fild04 in particular it seems that there are either two pourings, or an instant spawn because immediately after killing one, one bounced right on over to me.

(that being said I'm still hunting them on that field so you should totally back off until I'm done :D)

Also, as far as hunting ice cubic goes, the ice titan is a terrible way to get it. In the same dungeon, just kill the iceicles. They're not terribly hard to find, they don't run, they don't hurt you, they die in one hit, and they drop a total of 7 (yes, seven) ice cubics every time you kill them.


Unlike traditional porings who will loot items, Pourings will loot away your joy, your happiness, and your time. But when you kill them you can't get your time back. :<

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We really dont if there are two pourings each map since we only saw 2 pouring in Gef_fild01 awwtz!! i should update this maybe i can put info about the pouring.. hehe!! And the respawn time I think its random in time not so sure though...

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Nah, it's never random...I don't think there's any sort of random spawn in the game, at least.

They're just so hard to find it's really hard to pin down a spawn time, could be instant could be 10 minutes.

By the way, the summer event quest is a serious pain...I don't know how many hours I've been hunting and I'm only at

3 kaong, 5 sweet beans, 7 macapuno, 8 gulaman, 9 sweet bananas, 7 sago, 3 langka, 4 lecheflan, and 2 of the other. And I really don't think it's gonna be worth it after all this work T.T

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there are 112 maps this Event Pouring spawns into and they appear instantly, @whereis will not show all of them though, but virtually every field map has one, btw I will be changing the halo halo requirements from 50 to 10, actual implementation may take a while though


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I'd love to use the barter system but as of yet haven't found anyone else in game doing it. And by the gods, THANK YOU, argallamamentosahlcidine. I thought it was going to be an actual perma costume like the tuxedo but finding out I was doing all this work for a glorified santa suit crushed me.

However, making it an item like the tux would be very welcome, although if you're just going to lower the requirements that's fine too. I just wouldn't feel nearly as bad if I was doing all this work for something I could actually use whenever I wanted, imo ro really needs more costumes.

And it needs items that @disguise you, but that's something for another thread.

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@Leave thanks for comment.

@bumbee, it would be good if higher the requirment but can wear it like tux without a time limit right? since if the Halo requirement goes down to 10 that would be easy.. hehe =P

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