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Coupon Cost for Evolved headgears


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HI everyone this guide will tell you how much coupons and items it takes to make the evolved headgears

1. Sunglasses [1]

Requirements- 5 Sunglasses and 2 Coupons

2.Glasses [1]

Requirements- 5 Glasses and 2 coupons

3.Flying Angel

Requirements- 5 Angel Wings and 3 coupons

4. Flying Evil Wing

Requirements- 5 Evil Wings and 3 coupons

5. Flying Angeling

Requirements- 1 Angeling Hat and 3 coupons

6.Advance Mini Propeller

Requirements- 5 Mini Propeller and 3 coupons

7.Baphomet Horn

Requirements- 5 Majestic Goats and 3 coupons

8.Orc Hero Headdress

Requirements- 1 Helmet of Orc Hero and 3 coupons

9.Gentleman's Pipe

Requirements- 5 Pipes and 4 coupons

10.Hukke's Blackcat Ears

Requirements- 3 Black Cat Ears and 3 coupons


Requirements- 5 Aerial and 2 coupons

12.Shining Electric Bulb

Requirements- 1 Bulb Band and 2 coupons

Thank your for you time everyone i hope this helps you out


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The whole things is briliant bur there are certain stuff for you is important to do it...

1st Picture will explain more than words...

2nd Simple colour not oo much will make the whole thing messed up...

The rest is nice and good..

BTW... this guide is good for begginers...

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