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First is first, download gRO [here], install it and after patching sakray, open the GatheringRO Patcher and log in.

When you first come into gRO, you will meet 2 NPCs looking like this~!


Talk to the Novice-Guard and recieve your novice set~!

When your done, you end up in a place with alot of people. This is called PRONTERA

Remember that now, that's a major city <3

Now your job is to equip all of your items by going into the inventory and equips <3

Once you have those on, type...

@warp pay_fild04

And kill 3 of these jellies <3


After killing those, you can advance on to the green and blue jello monsters

When your level 45, you can type @go 0 and talk to the nice job man and the little job lady


There you can become...







Super Novice

Taekwon Girl/Boy



Which can turn into...













Star Gladiator

Soul Linker

Which can ALSO turn into..

Lord Knight


High Priest




Assassin Cross




High Wizard


The extras are...

Baby Swordsman

Baby Acolyte

Baby Thief

Baby Mage

Baby Merchant

Baby Archer

Which will eventually turn into...

Baby Knight

Baby Crusader

Baby Priest

Baby Monk

Baby Assassin

Baby Rogue

Baby Wizard

Baby Sage

Baby Alchemist

Baby Blacksmith

Baby Hunter

Baby Clown/Dancer

For your information, the maximum baselevel of this server is 250, max joblevel is 120 and the maximum status is 200. Also, you need to have joblvl 9 to job up to 1-1. You can donate here and help the gRO community while u get points which can be spent on amazing items~! Where, you ask?

First, you go into the center of prontera and see these two men


Talk to the nicer looking one with the red cloak. It takes you to the blackmarket or the mall. The blackmarket is a exact replica of prontera except this is where you can vend and sell. The vending skill is only available through merchant class. To the right, you can identify items and spent your kafra points.


To the left... you can do stuff including renting, resetting stats and getting coins.

The bottom left corner is for the rather very very very very experienced or lucky people. You can enter for a chance to win a castle invitation or colour your Donation Valkyrie Helmet.


The last and final stop for our tour train~!

Also the most violent stop of all...


As shown earlier in the two men in the middle of prontera, the one that looks scary leads you to a PvP room where you can fight with other players. Some are bullies who pick on you so beware >3

When you enter, you come across a strange room. Go north (up) and you see a portal. Then you will see a counter and a guy named PvP Warper.


Deathbox is a rather more friendly room where you can use healing items such as Giggling boxes, Yggdrasil Berries and others.

Hellsbox is a room where you CANNOT use healing items. You have to survive on your pure wits >3

Play Pen is an abandoned baby pvp room the GMs installed

That's it for our guide through Gathering RO~!

For additional info look for Twilight Ninja in Deathbox, Battle Arena


Special thanks to Toad for making the Beginner guide on how to start. This is a continuation on in-game tutorials

Another Special thanks to Fire Dragon, Voda, Yoda, Tama Chan and many others who are helpful in the forums and inspired me

AND of course the GM team

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Hey why I also got the credit? xD

Anyway it's a good guide for the newbies. Nice pictures, layout, and guidance ^_^

FYI do you know that if you do the job change quest instead doing it via the Job Changer NPC, you can get 1 coupon point? :P (don't know with the baby and trans job though)

...Btw you get the typo in Ninja :P

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*Shakes fist* I BEG TO DIFFER!! Deathsbox is totally not more friendly, since I'm always in hellsbox. I ARE THE NICER PERSON ;-;!!! But anywho, I really do think you should take off that comment of yours, it's just your oppinion that Deathsbox is friendlier. IMO, Deathsbox isn't friendlier. I could say so much more, but it'd end up with flaming, soooooo... I'd appreciate it if you took off that comment or I shall start the flaming with meh Mudkipz!!!

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