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CeeJay's Guide To Sniper


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Well I made this guide now because im quitting :P

My sniper

I didnt wanna do this guide because i dont want people cloning me[Coppying me]


First Of all Leveling:

Leveling is really easy for Snipers because you focus on monster 1 at a time and you hit from

far away but if you want to go for the mob use blitz beat or sharp shooting


1- 30 - Kill a Poring in prt_fild08

30-80 - pay_dun01 02 03 04

80-120 - lhz_dun01 02 [Keep double strafing dont do normal attacks till ur aspd is 195]

120-150- odin_tem02

150-190- abyss_02 03

190-254 - thor_v03 [bring traps for salamander, u need a kasa card so while ur training try looking for 1]

Second is the Stats

when your putting stats on training make sure u put just for training not for pvp

just reset ur stats when ur done training and make sure u put dex first when you reset your stats

because dex gives aspeed too

Deluge/Waterball/Magic Arrow sniper

200 dex

200 int [make water ball and other magic spell more dmg]

133 agi [this should give u 195 aspeed if it dont keep adding till your aspeed is 195]

100 Vit [ watch out how many you put its good for you cuz it gives HP but bad for you when you go against creator]

120 luk [make blitz beat auto]

67m Bow:Composite bow wit:Garm Baby , Metalling , Magnolia , Savage babe

12m Accesory1: Orlean Gloves: Windghost card [ it jupital thunder it pushes pally or champ away]

250m Accesory2: Flame Lord Ring (ifrit red one)[use this cuz sonic blow and meteor assault gonna mess your combo]

8m Shoes: Gold Acidus give you more SP and HP by 8%

210m Headgear High: Magic Kettle [it gives the deluge power and the waterball]

850m Headgear Low and Medium: Nebula Aura with maya P [that will get those Annoying sinx of your back xD]

10m Manteu/Cape: with kasa card it gives the Firbolt



you can lock somebody because of all of the magic you do make sure just to hit em first

It pushes the LK away with jupital thunder

It deals serious dmg


If it jupital thunder too much the enemy might gets out of your sight and cant fire arrows on him anymore

You can be ganged and cant focus on multiple enemy

GTB messes you up so dont aim for the Pallys and Champs aim for Sinxs LOL

When fighting enemies like sinx and pally make sure u use immaterial arrows cuz im sure

all of em are using GR xD

when fighting mage wiz or champ use Mute arrow to shut em up works nicely

When fighting a sniper well... just hope you win and hope u have best stats xD

IF you do not Know me im C e e J a y one of the sniper made job look good :)

Hey GM LOCK This Plz

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