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Amatsu Dungeon Quest


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Amatsu Dungeon Quest

Level Requirement: None

Item Required: None

Quest Requirement: None

Quest Rewards: Feudal Lord Permit, Coupon Point

Repeatable: No


1. Talk to both of the guards outside the old lady's house (amatsu 167 174) to find out that she's sick, then

go in and talk to the Old Lady (ama_in01 23 111), she will then kick you out of the house.

Guards, Amatsu (167, 174)


Old Lady, ama_in01 (23, 111)


2. Go to the Castle Owner (ama_in02 200 175) and talk to him, he's on the Fourth floor of the castle. Say "I hear your mother was sick."

Castle Owner, ama_in02 (200, 175)


3. Go back to the Old Lady's house and talk to her guards (amatsu 167 174) first and then her again (ama_in01 23 111).

4. Go talk to Kouji (amatsu 188 166), the little boy to the right of the Old Lady's house, be sure to talk to him TWICE!

Kouji, Amatsu (188 166)


5. Go talk to Fox Mask (ama_in01 179 173) in the shrine north of ama_fild01.

Fox Mask, ama_in01 (179, 173)


6. Go talk to the Old Lady again until you get Nine tail.

(There's a chance that you have to talk to her several times before you get Nine tails. For every time you fail, she kicks you out.)

7. Go to the Castle Owner and talk to him to get the Pass.

8. Enter the attic by going up the ladder you find on the 4th floor of the castle and talk to the only NPC there

to go down into the dungeon.


* I got a coupon point for this quest so you should eb able to get one too :3

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uber newb question i guess, what are coupons, and what do they do?

Coupon points are rewards for doing certain quests and once you have enough points you can get a coupon, then you can use the coupon(s) to make awesome new headgears ;)

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